10 Characteristics of Strong Brand Names

The first thing about your business that people will meet is its name. There are some characteristics of a good brand name Your brand name is the first detail consumers learn about your brand and if you get it wrong, you could lose their loyalty before they even try your product or service. Unfortunately many business owners choose sub-standard names for their business. Choosing a strong brand names for your business is a very key decision that will affect the growth of the business.

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A brand’s name is one of the most foundational elements of brand identity, helping establish and maintain a unique presence in the minds of customers and other key audiences. You need to choose a name that will make people want to come closer and see what you have to offer; a name that on its own advertises you and gives you the first credits to beat competition.

In this post, I present to you ten unique qualities professionals agree that are the top characteristics of an ideal brand name. However, you must give much time to think before deciding on a name for your business.

Short, sweet and easily pronounced

The ideal name forcustomers to remember, and for you to cut through the industry noise, is probably short and sweet and easily pronounced.

Unique within its industry

Your name doesn’t need to be weird or clunky, but it does need to not sound like all the rest of your direct competitors.

Legally available and defensible

Your lawyers think this should be item one of course. Regardless, what is the point of starting any company or marketing campaign if you cannot have full rights in the name?

Does not lend itself to abbreviations

If you have a long descriptive name, people will abbreviate it quickly. OK, we know it worked for IBM, AT&T, CBS etc.., but how many years and how many branding dollars do you have?

Flexible and expandable

The ideal name for customers to remember, and for you to use to cut through the industry noise, is probably shore and sweet and easily pronounced.

Will not age quickly

Is your name hip and topical? If you are in the fashion trend business this might be fine.

Reflect Business Value

A good business name should reflect some element of the core business value.

Positive Mind Association

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For a business to be successful, it needs to create positive associations with its consumers. It should evoke positive mental associations when heard.            

Very often when I think of business names, I get them like some kind of inspiration and I am tempted to always think I have had the best. However, later I get a better one and I feel different about the former. Take some time to think deeply before settling on your business name. Think about all the products and services you will be offering; think about the far future of the business and you will make a better choice.

When you choose a name for your business, choose one that is strong and goes down in history and never easily gets lost in the crowd of names of similar businesses.

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