How To Rank #1 On Fiverr & Land Your Gig On The First Page


Fiverr is no longer for Lazy Sellers. As you know, Fiverr is one of the most popular websites today where people go to earn extra income. Gig on the First page is not that much hard but patience is the key. 

First thing first is your Impressions that should be more means more eyes gone through your gig, and how you can increase it- that depends on your Gig SEO.

To get orders on Fiverr, the foremost thing is ranking the gig. For this, you have to do some SEO tricks to rank your gig on Fiverr 1st page.

How does Fiverr’s Search Algorithm work?

Let me explain with the help of an example.

Let’s suppose, you want to make a gig for article writing. Go to Fiverr search bar- type Article there, note down the relevant keywords that appear in the search option like article writer, article writing, SEO article writer. Note them down.

Tip: Trying using keywords that have a lower number of gigs in search results. E.g, if the keyword “article writer” has 20,000 gigs search results while the keyword “article writing” has 10,000 results, go for “article writing”.

Add your main keyword in the gig title
Use one or two of noted keywords in your gig’s main title. Like I will be your SEO writer and article writer. Include relevant keywords in Description. It is the most important part that should be done wisely. 

Some tips:

• Check the gig descriptions of other successful sellers, relevant to your services. Pick ideas from their description to write yours.

• Use related keywords in the description2 to 3 times like article writing, article writer, blog writing, etc.

• Hook with a question like are you a blogger worried to attract traffic to your blog?

• Provide buyers solution to their problem as don’t worry, this gig will sort out your worries.

• Describe your services with a brief intro to your experience.

• End with a call to action. 

Must add FAQs, at least two, and use keywords 1 or 2 times in FAQs like How many articles can you write per day? The article here is a keyword.

Add a tags

For related tags, search your main keyword that is WordPress website and filter top-rated and level 2 sellers. Then open the first 10 gigs in separate tabs. Now open MS Word or Notepad and start copying tags of all 10 gigs and paste each on a separate line. Here you got 50 tags. Find the 5 most common and repeating tags, add these 5 tags in your related keywords section while creating your new gig or updating your existing gig.

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