How to Gain More Twitter Followers and Increase Engagement in 2024

Twitter has become one of the popular social media platform after Facebook with more and more people sign up/create new account every day. Twitter have over millions active accounts per day with most of them spent close to an hour online. Many people get addicted to it while other find it very hard to walk around it.

When you’re scroll through your TL timeline you will come across interesting stories from government, politics and entertainment and even your popular celebrities play around with each other and even stan each other to give their fans something to talk about.

So why are we here? We are here to learn how to grow our Twitter account and possibly make money with it. That’s sound great right! I am going to share with you five proven ways you can use to increase your twitter followers that are working for me.

1. Follow high profiles: When I said follow high profile I do not necessarily mean to follow all the verified account/people with blue badge. No. what I mean here is to follow those people when they send a tweet within 0 – 59 seconds they would have up to 100 – 200+ likes, retweets and comments on their tweet. Those are the people I referred to as high profile account. They are also called twitter influencers.

When you follow them you have a high chance of getting more followers. When they send a tweet try to follow up to 20 people under their tweet.....tweet under 5minutes. When you have done that you ll notice increase in your followers. Remember to also like, retweet and comment on their tweets which will also help you to get more followers.

2. Join retweet group: One way to get more people engage with your tweets is by joining a retweet group. It help you to get more followers as some group make it compulsory for members of the group to follow each other. Joining a retweet group will help you achieve your twitter goals quick. 

As more and more people retweeting your tweet it goes viral and reach more people quickly. One way to join a retweet group is by asking someone whose followers are engaging with his/her tweets. You can send a DM direct message like ‘’Hi, would you mind adding me to a retweet group or if you have one?’’ if you shoot your shot well you will see a reply within a day or probably they will add you directly to a retweet group. You can as well create your own retweet group and add people to it.

3. Comment on other people tweets: You will be surprise by how many comment you will get on your tweets when you start commenting on others. You can also get new followers by commenting. Using a keyword like ‘’I follow back now’’ or ‘’Ifb all’’ remember to follow at least 10 people under your own comment (I mean people that liked your comment). Don’t comment repeatedly with one keyword or else twitter will restrict your account and probably suspend your account. So be careful when commenting. 

4. Retweet, Retweet and Retweet: When you retweet other people tweets they also retweet yours when they see your tweets on their timeline. When they retweet your tweet it help you to get more followers because more and more people will get to see your tweets on their timeline, some will even receive a notification from twitter telling them about your tweets so when someone else retweet that tweet it get to more people and as more people sees your tweet they are likely to follow you which will help increase your followers.

5. Giveaway: Finally, giveaway is one thing you cannot do without on twitter, you know how people react when they hear someone is doing giveaway. You can buy recharge cards and split them into different amount. Telling them the first 100 to retweet will get a recharge card. You can choose randomly and send the recharge pin to any one you feel like giving it to through a DM. 

Try these five methods this is what I have used to grow my account from 0 – 24k followers under four weeks before I sold it.

How to Recover a Suspended Twitter Account: Unlock & Appeal

Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service that allows registered users to send and receive short posts called tweets. Tweets can be up to 140 characters long and can include links to relevant websites and resources. Registered users can interact with messages known as "tweets". Registered users can also post, like, and retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. 

Twitter users follow other users. If you follow someone you can see their tweets in your twitter 'timeline'. You can choose to follow people and organisations with similar interests to you. You can create your own tweets or you can retweet information that has been tweeted by others. Retweeting means that information can be shared quickly and efficiently with a large number of people.

So let’s dive into the matter we are all here for. Why twitter keep suspending your account even after you have created a new account.

Stop Using Someone Else Pic As Your Profile Picture: These one is more worse and done more harm than the other three options below.

One thing I want to tell you about using someone else picture as your profile picture is this. Do you know that the owner of the pic come across your account with his/her pic on and immediately report your account to twitter of spam and not only that he/she also tell his/her friends to report your account and when twitter received those reports from different users they immediately suspend your account without even limiting your account activity or restriction. Stop using someone else pic as your profile picture. 

Don’t Follow Too Many People At Once: One of the mistake I made when I created a new account was following too many people at once/per active session. I don’t know this will hunt me later but the problem start when I go offline and log in back and I received a message that said ‘’we are limiting some of your action’’ we want to make sure twitter is safe for everyone. That was it. So twitter restricted my account for 3 days I have to wait for 3 days before I can retweet or like tweet so when I got back to twitter I stop following too many people for 24hrs to make sure twitter do not restrict my account again. 

Stop Retweeting Too Often: Twitter restricts accounts due to frequent retweeting from users. Consider limit the number of tweets you retweet per session/ I mean when you are online. You might also notice this when you retweet too many tweets you will notice twitter removes your likes from some tweets. To avoid twitter restriction that will likely lead to suspension reduce/limit the number of tweet you retweets per your active hours. 

Stop Commenting With Links: This is for people who own website/blog that do shared their post on twitter. I am a victim of this one. As a blogger, whenever I write a new article like this one you are reading I shared it to twitter, sometimes I also post the links under a comment section of other people tweets to get more traffic to my website but I don’t know I am ruining my twitter account until twitter suspended my account with 23.5k followers. Its heart breaking I have to take it like that and start from the beginning again/scratch. I do not said you should not post links like me but limit the numbers of your post to twitter don’t leave too many links per session or your active hour.

If your account is under suspension now you can file an appeal for twitter to unsuspend your account here you know any other reasons apart from the one above please feel free to share with us by using the comment button below. Please share this post to your friends to read also so they don’t lose their accounts.

Please leave a comment below and share your thought with us and if you have any other ways you have been using to increase your followers. Feel free to share that with us.
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