20+ Free Backlinks Sites List for Bloggers in 2023

There is no getting away from the fact that free backlinks sites remain one of the top factors for higher Google ranking. It subsequently generates more organic traffic and helps you increase brand awareness and authority among potential customers.

However, finding free high-quality backlinks on the internet can take a lot of time and laborious effort, especially if you are new to SEO. So, how and where could you get high-quality backlinks for free?

If you’re looking to increase your website’s rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, then this free high quality backlinks list can help you with your digital marketing link building campaigns.

Before jumping straight to the list, let us get a clear understanding of what backlinks are and why you need them.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks, also called inbound links, incoming links, or one-way links, are links from a page on one website to a page on another website. Google and other major search engines consider them as votes for a specific page. Pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings.

If someone links to your website, then you have a backlink from them. If you link to another website, then they have a backlink from you.

There is no getting away from the fact that free backlinks sites remain one of the top factors for higher Google ranking. It subsequently generates more organic traffic and helps you increase brand awareness and authority among potential customers. However, finding free high-quality backlinks on the internet can take a lot of time and laborious effort, especially if you are new to SEO. So, how and where could you get high-quality backlinks for free?
Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks help a website with three major aspects: Rankings: As we said earlier, Google sees backlinks, be it free or paid, as votes of confidence. Each of these votes tells search engines, “this content is valuable, reliable, and useful”. 

In simple words, the more votes your web pages have, the more likely they are to rank for relevant search queries. Discoverability: Search engines discover fresh content by revisiting pages they already know about to check for new links. Just because search engines prefer popular pages more than unpopular ones, they may discover your content faster if you get free backlinks from popular pages. Referral traffic: Backlinks subsist to direct online users to useful resources. That’s why they are clickable. When someone clicks on a free backlink to your website, you get referral traffic.

Now that you know what backlinks are and understand their importance for your website, it is time to put a spotlight on the list of free backlinks sites that we have created.

Free Backlink Sites List

1. Crunchbase

Crunchbase is one of the best free backlink sites you can use for link building because it has a high Domain Authority (DA) rating of 81. You can get your business listed on this site at no charge and get a high quality backlink to your website.

2. MyBlogU

MyBlogU is another popular site for free website backlinks. You can create a profile, add links, and connect with other marketers to share ideas and thoughts, and build relationships that can lead to even more quality backlinks in the future.


HARO comes in third on this free high quality backlinks list because it’s an excellent source to get high DA from major brands in every industry. The way it works is you sign up for an account, then you’ll get three daily emails from journalists who are looking to quote sources for their articles. It can be a bit of a grind replying to news pitches each day, but this other guide on how to use HARO for backlinks can teach you how to land the most links from your efforts.

4. SourceBottle

SourceBottle is similar to HARO for link building. You can get free publicity and backlinks for your website by responding to media queries from journalists and bloggers.

5. Google Sites

Want to use one of the best websites for free backlinks that can be set up in a matter of minutes? Then Google Sites is what you need. Anyone with a Gmail account can set up a Google Site and instantly places links back to their website at no charge. Plus, these types of sites get indexed quickly in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and are good for improving brand awareness. See this related Google Sites SEO guide to learn best practices for search engine optimization.

6. Google Drive Assets

You may be wondering why Google appears two times on this free backlinks sites list. But once you understand how Google assets work, then you’ll want to jump on this opportunity to get high quality links for your website. Essentially, you can Google’s own entities (e.g. Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc) to create backlinks to your site and transfer some of that high PR power. Check out this complete guide on Google Authority Stacking here to get a step-by-step tutorial on this link building strategy.

7. BizSugar

BizSugar is website for business owners and entrepreneurs to share and vote for the best business tips, trends, and news from around the Internet. Therefore, it’s an excellent site to sign up for an account and use for link building.

8. GrowthHackers

GrowthHackers has a thriving community of digital marketers where you can share marketing strategies for growing your business. You can post original content and syndicate content from your blog to build more backlinks. Best of all, you can add links to your individual articles on the site and in your account profile. Also, see this related guide with a list of article submission sites.

9. GitHub

GitHub is a repository that helps developers store, manage, track and control changes to their source code. If you have an application of any sort you can add to GitHub, you can also put a backlink in the about section.

10. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is an online art community that features artwork, photography, and GIFs. You can use this free site to upload your creative works and get a backlink to your site to help increase brand awareness for your business.

11 Facebook

Facebook is among the most famous social media platforms for creating free backlinks for a business website. With more than 1.69 billion users worldwide, this platform could maximize your business reach and easily connect it with the targeted audience.

Links can be placed on Facebook posts to redirect to a website. Apart from giving you no-follow links, this social media platform provides more than one way of accessing your site from the free backlinks added in your personal information (bio), groups, pages, and timeline.

12 Twitter

Just like Facebook, Twitter also provides you with free backlinks for the website. This social media platform has over 330 million active users. Many brands, businesses, and in fact, celebs use Twitter to advertise, promote, and increase their brand awareness.

SEO experts use Twitter for business profile creation and share posts with relevant hashtags and links. Using the right hashtags with ace content will make your post more visible to users and prompt them to click on the created backlink.

13 Instagram

Another social media platform for building free backlinks for websites from zero in 2021. Instagram is an image and video-sharing platform with over 26.9 million active users worldwide. Although it is notorious for not being link-friendly, it has great potential for bringing visitors to the website.

Sharing images or videos with relevant hashtags is a common practice amongst digital marketing professionals to connect with the target audience and increase brand awareness. One could also acquire a free backlink by adding a link to the bio of Instagram’s business profile.

14 Pinterest

You might get surprised to know that within 63,000 searches made per second on Google, images (along with links) shared on Pinterest ranks higher. Even though it gives you a no-follow backlink, SEO experts highly recommend this platform to get free backlinks for increasing web traffic.

Make sure you have appealing, eye-catching images attached to Pins. Pinterest will scan your site and yank all available images (even affiliate banners) for you to choose from.

15 Tumblr

Free backlinks provided by Tumblr are some valuable lower-hanging fruits that don’t require much time or expertise. It is a blogging platform with over 465 million blogs and 327 million active users worldwide. Tumblr provides businessmen with do-follow links and helps them in increasing domain authority.

We know they may not take you from the fifth page to the first page for all of your keywords, but they can definitely move the needle.

16 Linkedin

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful and useful tool for businesses – mainly, white-collar businesses that provide a host of different services. For some users, it is simply a way to constantly update a resume and have a professional presence online. Others use LinkedIn to get free backlinks in order to bolster their website. You just need to create a profile, add an URL, and regularly share articles or products to bring more traffic to your site.

17 Minds

One of the most useful platforms to build free backlinks from ground zero. Minds is a free “crypto social network” that uses blockchain to reward its users with tokens. Users can use these tokens to boost their content or crowdfund other users. This social media platform has over 2.5 million registered users and 300,000 monthly active users.

18 Trepup

Trepup is another well-known social media platform that helps business owners obtain free backlinks for their websites. Founded in 2014, it has more than 1400 product categories and is a house to millions of sellers and buyers worldwide. Free backlinks obtained from this social media platform are do-follow.
Video-sharing platforms for free backlinks

19 Youtube

We all use Youtube for uploading and watching videos. But do you know it is also one of the best platforms to get free backlinks for websites? Almost every search made on Google includes YouTube videos. No wonder why it is called the world’s second-largest search engine.

To build free backlinks from YouTube, you first need to create a Google account. Add the channel’s description and awe-inspiring banner. Remember, it takes time to create an impact. You will start outranking your online competitors as time passes. Free backlinks built from this platform are no-follow.

Above are some famous online platforms to attain high-quality backlinks for free. Whether they contain do-follow or no-follow links, these backlinks are an invaluable source of domain authority as well as clicks and calls for all online businesses. No doubt building backlinks from zero could take a lot of time, effort, and stress, but at the end of the day, it would be worth it for your business website. 

As you discovered, there’s a large number of free website backlinks you can build from high Domain Authority sites; some of which are dofollow backlinks and others are nofollow links. However, each website from this free high quality backlinks list can still be beneficial for passing PageRank value for SEO to your site to help improve its backlink profile regardless of the follow status. So just pick and choose the websites from this list you like best and want to use for your digital marketing link building campaigns.
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