Jumia Affiliate – How To Make Money With Jumia Affiliate Program

Today we are going deep dive into Jumia Affiliate ProgramJumia is a Nigeria Number 1. Onlinestore when it come to shopping online. They offer wide range of services and all kinds of products. You can enjoy great prices and offers. They also provides secure payments and fast delivery.

Affiliate Marketing simply means the promotion of products and services sold by a merchant or service provider in return for a commission. This mean the companies that offer the affiliate program pay you certain amount of money in exchange for recommending their products or service to people. The money they paid you in returns for deriving sales is what is called commission. Also you can read more about affiliate marketing here Comprehensive Guide on Affiliate Marketing. 

In my experience, since my journeying as digital marketer and affiliate marketer I can proudly say Jumia Affiliate Program is the best affiliate marketing program in Nigeria. They offer the best commission. It is the best over-all paying affiliate program in the country. TOP 5 LEGIT AND LUCRATIVE BUSINESS YOU CAN DO ONLINE WITH NO MONEY

My Journey with Jumia Affiliate Program 

However, with Jumia affiliate, one thing have remained constant and that is Jumia’s commitment to its Affiliate program. While like other ecommerce sites in Nigeria Konga, WhoGoHost and Wish etc. are cutting back on Affiliate marketing, but Jumia Affiliate programs is waxing stronger with their commitment to offer their customers up to 11% commission on sale. You can see Jumia commission table here. 

Since I joined Jumia Affiliate Program back in 2016, I have sold hundreds of million Naira worth of products, referring people to the program and earning thousands of Naira in commission for doing so and it is something I do not see myself coming back from in the near future because I make a lot of money doing it. 

How to Join the Jumia Affiliate Program 

If you are wondering or not sure if this is true, well that’s where I was before I finally made up my mind to join in 2016 when I was devastated looking for something to do to add extra income to my monthly salary. I know it’s not getting rich quick something but sure I am going to make some money from it one day. You can see the screenshot of my earning below.

If you are interested and want to join. Go to https://affiliates.jumia.com, fill out the online form to apply. Your application will be reviewed and if you are qualified, you will be welcomed to the Jumia Affiliate Program. Just as simple as that, no hard work. Once you have sign up and received a welcome message. You are all set to go. 

You can now login to the affiliate program site with your login details you entered while signing up to start promoting offers and start make money on the go

How to Promote the Jumia Affiliate Program 

Once you login to the affiliate marketing site, you can build your referral links or use banners. One good thing about the affiliate program is, you can promote your unique links on your website or share it with your friends on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Once someone or your friends click on your link and buy something from Jumia you automatically make money! 

Some of the things you may like to know about Jumia Affiliate Program 

Links, ads, and other types of visual references that can be shared on websites and even on social media.

You get a Bonus of N500 for the first month plus your commission when someone purchase or order something with your referral links. 

Promotions and special benefits on a regular basis – eg Every Friday and Christmas special is coming up soon and even the popular Black Friday Sales coming up in November. 

You get 100% direct service support from JUMIA affiliate manager when you need help. 

Jumia pay you every monthly via bank transfer! So no stress about payment method. 

You can click here to sign up or register.
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