7 Mistakes Hindi New Bloggers Make and How to fix Them

Today many people have learned to create blogs. And many of us have already achieved success and few are moving towards success.

But I am very sad to tell you that right now many Hindi bloggers are making big mistakes, due to which they are getting delayed in getting success.

In this article, I will mention some mistakes by removing which even a Hindi blogger can become successful in a very short time. 

1.English Articles

See, if you have started blogging just for money then perhaps blogging is not for you. Your statement must have been read on many blogs. And this was enough because it is also true.

Blogging means sharing your experience and knowledge and not copying someone else's article on your blog. And some people find blogging easy because of this reason.

For example: New Hindi bloggers are translating English articles from the Internet into Hindi and publishing them on their blog. And they themselves have not tried to explain the article in a practical way. Their only aim is to somehow increase the quantity of articles on their blog.

Now this translation is correct but if any update of Google comes in future then this type of blog will be completely banned.

You will be disappointed. The best solution is that whatever you learn from the internet or offline, share it on the basis of your experience. Direct translation has also come to Google. And no one can fool Google.

You can try doing any task and then write and publish the result as per your convenience. It means that you should know about the topic on which you are writing a post.

2. Buying more than one domain:

I can say with absolute guarantee that 99% of New Hindi Bloggers buy more than 1 domain and do not work well on any of them.

They just think that if they earn this much money from one blog, they will earn more by creating 2-4 blogs.

Friends! If you are also thinking like this, then remove this matter from your mind and it will remain fine. And there is still time to identify your interest and work on this domain. I can assure you that you will earn 10x more money from 4-5 blogs.????

3. Not Knowing Your Audience:

Have you ever tried to know what kind of people visiting your blog? What do they need from your blog or why do they open your blog?

To know all these things, you will first have to connect your blog to Google Analytics . And analyze your traffic daily in Google analytics.

You must analyze these things through Google Analytics:

Visitors Type – Organic or Referral
Most Common Searching Keywords
Unique (New Keywords)
Bounce Rate

If you analyze these things then you will know how visitors come to your blog. And if any visitor comes searching for a new keyword. But if that related post is not on your blog, you can write that post on your blog.

This way you will also get ideas for writing new posts.

So the most important thing is that you identify your audience and then write articles for them. Then see what changes have come in your blogging.

4. Stay consistent:

The most important factor in blogging and any business is Consistency. In other words, be persistent in any cause. And if you want to move ahead in blogging then you should keep posting articles continuously.

I have said many times that you should make a schedule of how many posts to post in 1 week.

Then according to that your visitors will also visit your blog. And if you do not post regularly then your visitors will not visit your blog again. Well, this is very basic but very many bloggers are not able to follow this thing. Which creates obstacles in the success of blogging.

5. Spamming the link of the post:

Have you ever wondered how a blog becomes so famous? If a person is popular then why is he popular?

The simple answer is that there is something unique about the blog or that person which is not found anywhere else. 

You can also implement this fund in your blog. Then see how popular your blog will become. If you have never tried to be different then no one will like you. You can paste the link of your post anywhere.

Try to post good content on your blog so that there is no need to spam your posts. There is a lot of difference between spamming and promotion. So instead of copying and pasting your link, focus on unique content and promotion.

6. Commenting on another blog should not be done properly

By doing 70% log comments, you get a chance to get a backlink on your website. And this is also a valid way to get backlink. But maximum log is only due to Backlink. Nice Post, Thanks for Sharing etc. 

Please add any link in the comment. Because of this your comment will also not be approved.
What it means is that if you make this mistake then don't worry. It will be beneficial for you.

7. Keywords Ka Over Use:

Some new bloggers have started using too many keywords and they have started overusing keywords in their posts so much that their posts may get penalized later.

Too little information about SEO can prove to be very dangerous. You should read carefully about SEO .
Hi Friends! Today I will talk about computers . Computer is an electronic device. CPU is the main component in computer. Computer has become the most important device of today. There are many types of computers.

You can see in the above paragraph that the same keyword has been used many times. And how strange it looks.

If we use computer keyword 1 or 2 times in this paragraph and use pronouns like in the rest of the paragraphs then it will also be considered as an SEO post.

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