How to fix WordPress 404 Error, Page Not Found [Redirection plugin]

One of the biggest reason we fail as a blogger is that we do not have advance knowledge about blogging. There is such a simple error in our blog that we don't know, it is not working or due to which our blog is not getting traffic.

If we are unsuccessful in blogging then it is important to know about the error. Despite having very few posts on the blog, we are not getting any traffic, one reason could be error 404.

First of all we should know that not found, what is 404 error or when does it come or what to do to fix it?

WordPress me Not found, 404 Error?

Due to lack of knowledge in blogging , we make many mistakes. This time we make a big mistake by changing the URL of our post. 

Changing the URL has a lot of effect on your post, like through auto share plugin, all our posts are published on social sites like Facebook and Twitter but when we change the URL, its URL remains the same. Whenever someone clicks on our link from a social site, he gets error 404 Not found.

That's why if you don't want to change the URL then it's fine, but even if you have made this mistake, don't tell me how to fix Not found, error 404?

How to correct Not Found, 404 Error in WordPress

1. Friends, for this you will have to install a plugin called Redirection in your add plugin. After installation, go to the tool option and click on Redirection.

2. On clicking Redirection you will be shown this screen

3. Now you have to click on 404s or you will see this screen

4. When you click on 404s, you will see all those urls which are not found, error 404 is still there. Now click on the date shown in front of your url, click on Add redirect, then you will see this screen.

5. In the above screen you will see 2 options in which Source Url will show us your old url or in Target Url you will have to enter the new url of your post. During this, keep in mind that only the URL of the post should be entered like /how to find insert solution free. 

6. No matter how many urls are shown in 404s, correct them in this way and don't feed your old url, error 404 will be banded again. You can see the urls that have been modified by clicking on the old url in Log or 404s.

In this third WordPress blog we can easily remove 404 error.. To your friends, please tell us how this post is going on.
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