How To Start Okirika Business In Nigeria Step by Step Guide 2023

In this life that we are worldwide today, there are three basic needs of man which are food, shelters and clothing. Why are we interested in knowing how much is a bale of used clothes in Nigeria? Man needs to cover his nakedness and to protect his skin against the sun, cold and other things.

A bale business generally is known here in Nigeria as an Okirika business or bend down select business, it is a local name business Nigerians used for wears that are second hand or fairly used wear.

The second-hand wears can be pants, shirts, shoes, electronics, trousers, belts and so many others things. Any used wears are termed as a bend down select business or an Okirika wears. 

How many clothes are in one bale of used clothes?

Answer: The number of clothes you will find in a bale cannot be specified. Each bale is packed based on weight. The weight of a bale varies depending on the source country. Germany and UK bales are 55kg while China bales come in at 100kg.

On the average, expect to find between 350-400 pieces of clothes in a 55kg bale. For the 100kg bale, expect to meet twice the number of clothes you will find inside a 55kg bale. So as you can see, there are no specifics on the numbers. Weight is the determining factor.

How much can you make from the ‘’fairly used clothes in bales’’ business?
Answer: There is a lot of money to be made from this business depending on your skill level. A beginner should target between 10% and 60% turnover while an expert can double his capital at a go. But for a beginner, it is better not to push your luck too far. Play it safe and go for a reasonable profit margin. 

How much is a 100kg bale of first grade Okirika?

Answer: The price cannot be specified as there are factors that affect the pricing. However, there is a price range of #50,000 to #130,000 Naira depending on the quality of the bale and also the type of clothes in the bale. There are several categories of clothes and these are;

· Children Cotton Romage (CCR)

· Men Shirt (MCSH)

· Children Polo (CHP)

· Ladies Cotton Dress (LCD)

· Boys Cotton Shirt (BCS)

· Men’s Cotton Pant (MCP)

· Ladies Bum Short (Sex Short)

· Men Underwear (M Under)

· Ladies Three Quarter (L3/4)

· Ladies Chiffon Dress (LSD)

· Ladies T-Shirt (LTS) and so on.

The type of clothes thus affects the price but the price should fall within the range I earlier stated.

Where can I buy top quality bales?

Answer: Arena Warehouse in Oshodi is a very good place to buy from. Visit Nigerian Army Shopping Arena in Oshodi and go to W block. The block is designated for Okirika bale dealers only.

Where and who can one buy from? Trusted Supplier.
Answer: Other places in Lagos where you can get Okirika bales to include are;

· Alaba international market

· Kotangowa market at Abule Egba

· Badagry market

· Tejuosho market

· Yaba market

E-commerce stores like; Amazon and

Here in Nigeria, there are two grades of Bend Down Select Business ventures. They are AA grade wears and AB grade wears. The AA grade wears are regarded as the supper grades because it has a high quality and it is usually outrageous while the other grade AB wears is the mixture of super grades which is AA Grade and other qualities of grades. AB Grade wears usually comes at a low price when compared to other grades. And the price of each bale goes in the range of #50,000 to #150,000 depending on how much one has. 

The benefit of Okirika used clothes business in Nigeria
A bend down select business has numerous benefits here in Nigeria for those people that ventures into this type of business. Some of its many benefits are as follow:

1. It is very less expensive: Bend down select business is regarded as one of the lucrative business ventures one can easily engage into because the demand for this type of business is on high demand. Eventually, people do not always wish to spend much on anything now considering the economy of the country now; but still while purchasing with the least money, they want to get the best quality of their money and this follows the old adage that says ‘’high demand follows a cheaper price.’’ Almost everyone is going now for fairly used wears due to its looks, its affordability and it is very cheap.

2. Okirika business is trending now with lots of proceeds that come from it because of the popularity of the citizens of Nigeria and also the business can be easily be transacted online. Like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

3. To look good nowadays, the lower class and the middle-class people loves to showcase their wears as when the top class and the prominent ones flaunt their own wears, this is very common to the youths of the Nigerians especially the female folks among them since the order of the day now is fashion. Youths have been granted the chance to put on a beautiful designer outfit at an affordable price through the emergence of Bend Down fairly used wears and this is one of the reasons bale business is considered lucrative in Nigeria today.

4. Durability: An Okirika fairly used wears last longer when compared to the new ones. The fairly used wears these days without mincing words last far longer than the new ones, that is from the beliefs of the greater populace. And because of this general belief, it has aided in creating more market for it dealer thereby increasing its profitability.

5. It require low capital start-up: The bale business in Nigeria does not really require huge capital to kick start it unlike other ventures of businesses that one needs millions or even billions of capital or fund to kick start it. One can start a Bend Down Select Business with just a low capital of Fifty Thousand Naira (50,000) at a minimum and even make a lot of proceeds income from it.

6. Unique fabrics: An Okirika fairly used wears are characterized by special or unique fabrics and it is one of the important reasons why this bale business is trending now and creating enough markets today. The young people especially the female folks among them always want to be unique in their fashion trends. They do not wish to see any other person that is competing with them by putting on their own color of their fabrics anywhere and at any time. And the fairly used wears otherwise called Bend Down Select wears is providing that kind of fabrics because its materials are always unique and special. Unlike the new ones which are always manufactured in large quantities with the same color and style.

Here are thing to consider when start-up a business of buying bale of used clothes in Nigeria. 

A business plan which is a plan that state the business’s market analysis, financial projection, executive summary, product or service line, business description, marketing and sales, organization management and the market analysis has to be written properly which forms part of the feasibility studies which literally implies a well summarized analysis on how to kick-start any business venture successfully within an estimated cost when it is completed.

Seeing the numerous importance of Bend Down Business in Nigeria as already discussed above, any intending entrepreneurs have to make his or her assignment in respects to analysis and research before venturing into the business proper. 

These points underneath are the points to consider when eventually entering into these Bend Down Select Business before considering how much is a bale of used clothes in Nigeria:

1. Capital: A capital or fund for a bale business has to be set aside before venturing into this type of business because the amount of capital set aside will determine whether the business will be on a large scale business or a small scale business. The business can easily grow into a massive business venture gradually as this bale business usually requires a low capital with good income for start-up. 

2. Business capital: The location of the business is one of the important points to consider when venturing into a bale business. In order to make it in this type of business with enough income, intending entrepreneurs have to consider pedestrian traffic due to its business and crowdedness.

3. Get a supplier: A reliable supplier has to be considered before venturing into Okirika business. There are two options for getting a reliable supplier for a bale business in Nigeria. One, it can either be through e-commerce like AmazonAlibabaeBay and others by ordering it by oneself. Or it might be through meeting up with that mega supplier who has made his or her name in Nigeria who buys their wares from outside the country but resides here in Nigeria.

Target Consumers: The consumer is a prospective buyer an entrepreneurs has to be targeted mostly has to be the youths since there is always a market for it. The bale business has to consider this point very well in order to get good result from the business.

4. Packaging: in order to get extra cash as profits, prospective entrepreneurs have to consider the packaging of the Okirika wears. When wears are well packaged, it can easily be sold as new wear. Packaging involves washing, ironing and neatly wrapping the wears with a nice perfume.

Fairly used clothes business is a very lucrative business that anyone can easily kick start and make good income here in Nigeria. It is a very profitable business because it is easy to set up and coordinates, it requires low capital, it is in high demand and also it requires no technical knowledge.

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