How to Withdraw from PayPal to UBA AfriCard in Nigeria

After following all of the steps given above, the last step to fully setup a Paypal Account with full withdraw functionality from Nigeria, without facing any limitations, will be linking UBA Visa Africard directly to the Paypal Account created earlier.

Why UBA Visa Africard?

Because, it’s one of the Bank Cards in Nigeria that you can use to receive Paypal funds.

Usually when you have funds in your Paypal Account, you only need to use Withdraw to the Card option.

In turn, the UBA Visa Africard converts the domination amount to Naira which you can use to withdraw from any ATM.

Another good advantage of the UBA Africard is that, you don’t need to have an Account with UBA to obtain the Visa Card.

  • Click the link given to learn more about getting a UBA Visa AFriCard.
  • Linking UBA Visa Africard to Paypal
  • Linking UBA Visa Africard to Paypal is easy and straight to the point.
  • Log into your Paypal Account (using this link:
  • Click on the Profile menu
  • Click on the Link and Confirm Debit or Credit Card
  • You will be directed to a page to input your Card details, in that case, input your UBA Visa Card Details
  • Next, Click on the Continue tab after entering your Card details
  • When done, a small fee will be debited from your Card by PayPal like a Dollar or so, then sent back again to confirm the authenticity of the Card
  • After that, a page will appear where you will be asked to enter a confirmation page to fully verify your accountNow, check your mobile phone or email, a text message of PayPal transaction is sent to the mobile number you used in obtaining the UBA Visa Card
  • Now you get a combination of numbers and words. The numbers in front of the word CODE in the combination is what you will input in the verification field
  • After you have entered the code, voila. Your account is all setup to start receiving and sending money even while in Nigeria.
Final Words withdrawing from PayPal:

All of the steps given and procedures highlighted in this follow through guide will help you with all what you need in operating, running a fully functional Paypal Account in Nigeria with withdraw option.

But, again, when using this method, one must ensure the following steps are adhered to:

Use this link to always open your PayPal Account:
Do not use a VPN. Try to get a dedicated browser for it. Do not login multiple PayPal Account. Use UBA Visa AfriCard or any other Dollar Naira Visa Card for authentication and withdrawal purpose. And most importantly, do not do any fraudulent stuffs online. Stay legit always. With this you will be ok and fine, able to receive money from your online business, Freelancing etc even while in Nigeria; until PayPal decides to incorporate the withdrawal feature for Nigerian Account holders.

Extra Links:

When logging into your created Paypal account, use: any issues regarding your Paypal Account contact via: can also call 1-402-935-2050 using the Nigerian mobile number you used to register the Paypal, in the page given above, a passcode is given, for you to authenticate with their customer careFor Card problems etc use this link: can add up to 5 email addresses to use with one Paypal via this link:

How To Get, Use The Access Bank Prepaid Card For Transactions And The Benefits

Access bank prepaid card are cards offered by Access bank for transactions. It can be used by both individual and corporate bodies. There are three (3) types of access bank prepaid card. These prepaid cards could be verve, mastercard or visa. These cards have slight differences. Please find below details of each card.

Prepaid Verve Card

This card has a transaction limit of N150,000 for local transactions on ATM machines. It is not available for international transactions on ATM machines, POS and Web. It can be use at on POS and on the Web for local transactions at limit of N2,000,000.
Prepaid Mastercard

This can be used for local and international transactions on ATM machines, POS and on the Web. On the ATM machine, it has N150,000 transaction limit for local transactions and $100 daily transaction limit for international transactions. For POS and Web transactions, N2,000,000 transaction limit for local transactions and $1,000 for international transactions monthly.

Prepaid Visa Card

This card can as well be used for both local and international transactions across all the channels which include ATM machine, POS and on the web. It can not be used for local transactions on ATM machine but can be used for international transactions at the limit of $1,000 daily. On the POS and web transactions, it can be used for both local and international transactions without limit.

How To Apply For The Access Prepaid Card

After going through the available prepaid card in Access bank, now you can decide which card serves you better. Once you decide, its time to get one. You must remember that you will eventually need to have account with Access bank if you don’t have one. Kindly walk into any Access bank branch close to you and request for one at the customer service desk. You will be given a form to fill. Once you fill and submit, you will be informed when its ready for pick up.

How To Use The Access Prepaid Card

At the pick up of the Access Prepaid Card, you will be required to create a PIN which becomes your transaction PIN. It can be used as the lock for your transactions on the card. Please endeavor to familiarize yourself with what your can do and what it can’t to ensure maximum use and prevent frustration. If you have ever use any ATM card on ATM machine then ATM transactions will not be a problem. For web transactions, it will normally ask for your CVV2 which is the last three (3) digits behind your card, card number which is the long set of numbers at the front, the expiry date which is usually below the card number and your PIN before you can transact with it online. POS transactions means you have to insert your card on the POS machine and authorize payment with your PIN.

UBA Prepaid Card

With a UBA Prepaid Card, you can fund, budget, withdraw at any ATM and spend safely. The good thing is it is not linked to a UBA account and is available in Naira or Dollars.

Download Enrollment Form

UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

Load your Dollars or PTA/BTA on a UBA Dollar Prepaid Card to avoid cash handling on your next trip. It is accepted on international POS, ATM or Web. It’s

Request a UBA Dollar Prepaid Card at any branch close to you.

*PTA – Personal Travel Allowance *BTA – Business Travel Allowance

N/B: Dollar Prepaid Card can only be used for international transactions. It can also be transferred to and from only a UBA account using your UBA Internet Banking or from the branch

ChargesDollar Prepaid Card TypeInt’l Transaction ($)
Issuance FeeInstant3.31 (VAT inclusive)
 Personalized3.31 (VAT inclusive)
Reissunace FeeInstant3.31 (VAT inclusive)
 Personalized3.31 (VAT inclusive)
PIN ReissuanceAll0
Transfer From AccountAll0.15 + VAT
Loading Fee (at the branch)All0
ATM WithdrawalAll0
POS and InternetAll0
Card to Card TransferAll0.15 + VAT
SMS Fee (Customer Induced Transactions)All0.011
Annual Maintenance FeeAll20 + VAT

UBA Naira Prepaid Card

Spend online locally, withdraw at any ATM nationwide and make a local online payment with a UBA Naira Prepaid Card. It’s

Request a UBA Naira Prepaid Card at any branch nationwide.

N/B: Naira Prepaid Card can only be used for local transactions, subject to market change. There is an international restriction on UBA Naira Prepaid Card for POS and ATM transactions and a $20 monthly limit for Online Transactions

ChargesNaira Prepaid Card TypeLocal Transaction (₦‎)
Issuance FeeInstant1,075
Reissuance FeeInstant1,075
PIN ReissuanceAll0
Transfer From UBA AccountAll50 + VAT
Loading Fee (at the branch)All0
ATM WithdrawalUBA ATM (Local)0
Other banks35 (After 3 withdrawals in a month)
POS and InternetAll0
Card to Card TransferAll50
SMS Fee (Customer Induced Transactions)All4
Quarterly Maintenance FeeAll50 + VAT

UBA Corporate Prepaid Card

With your UBA Corporate Prepaid Card, you can spend online on local websites, withdraw at any ATM nationwide or make local online payments to avoid cash handling. It’s

Salary Corporate Card Cards also known as Payroll Cards are alternatives to salary accounts to pay your employees. It is only denominated in Naira and employees can access their funds on any of our digital channels. Employers only require their employee’s phone numberemail address, and bank verification numbers (BVN), and employees can be funded from the company’s UBA Account or Prepaid Card using any of our digital channels.

Request a UBA Corporate Prepaid Card at any branch close to you.

UBA Co-branded Card

UBA can partner with businesses to provide co-branded cards as gift cards, school IDs, means of payment for financial institutions, and rewards.

  • – Financial institutions: These institutions use cobranded cards essentially as a means of payment, and loan disbursement (for Microfinance Bank).
  • – Loyalty programs: Cobranded cards are key input elements in setting up loyalty (reward) programs for customers of an organization
  • – School’s ID cards: Schools use cobranded cards as both a means of identification and payment.
  • – Gift cards: These are prepaid cards loaded with a specific amount of funds redeemable only by purchase of items. Holders of these cards can purchase items only to the tune (value) of the fund on the card. Funds on the card can be used up in one or multiple purchases, within the validity period of the card. They are non-reloadable cards.

Request a UBA Corporate Prepaid Card at any branch close to you.

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