How To Start A Music Blog On Blogger Blogspot Blog (MP3) 2023

Many music bloggers complain of not having places to upload or host their audio files because of the limited nature of the Blogspot platform.

Top music bloggers use WordPress but not all new bloggers can afford the hosting, yet they need to deliver the music to their audience. We have earlier discussed on why every blogger must have a custom domain, but hosting is not compulsory because Google has paid the price for Blogspot users.

How To Upload Files For Download In Blogger

There are so many ways to upload files such as pdf, mp3, videos, apk, and word documents to Blogger for direct downloads. However, not all are free and some you'll have to pay for life to have your files hosted on the platforms.

- Visit and sign-in using your gmail account.

- Click on 'Create'

A drop down menu with two options will pop-out, click on 'in Classic sites'

Select 'Blank Document', name your site, solve recaptcha and Click on 'Create Site'

- You'll be redirected to something like this

Congrats, we have successfully passed the first stage, I hope it was easy? I experienced issues opening the page with my Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, however, my Opera Mini browser worked perfectly. I only needed to clear my cookies but I don't like that, so I had to switch browsers.
The next step is to create a music folder

How To Create A Music FolderThis is the most important part of the tutorial and it's very easy. You'll learn how to create a folder that can host your files like pdfs, music audios (mp3), videos, apks and more.

- Click on 'Create Page'. It is at the top right corner of the page, you can check the photo below.

Just choose a name and leave all other things with the default options.

Hurray, we have graduated into another stage and it's also very important. It's now time to upload the files.

How To Upload Music Files To Blogspot Free- Click on 'Add File'

Select a file and upload, it'll bring out something like the screenshot below

- We are almost done, look at the red circle that I drew on the photo below

- You'll see a download symbol on the left, right click it with your mouse to copy the link. That's the download link to your file.

You can share it directly or put it in your blog posts.

You can click on this link to download my sample song.

Was't it easier than you thought? I'm certain it was. The next step is not compulsory but you can use it if you want to add a download button to your blog post.

How To Create A Music Download Button On BloggerThe button will look something like this

To add it to your website, copy this code.

 <div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
<a href=""><img alt="Download button from" border="0" data-original-height="48" data-original-width="133" src="" title="Download button from" /></a></div>

To customize it, replace the highlighted with the download link to your own file.

Don't touch other parts of the code or you might ruin them.

That's all, thanks for reading along and we hope it was helpful.
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