10 Important Ranking Factor in Google SERP 2024 SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the never do without tools in increasing website traffic. You are at better chance of getting ranked on Google search than not optimizing your content at all. Therefore, optimizing your content for search engine remains a valuable and worthwhile practice.

Always ensure that your add alt text to your images, meta description, and ensure that others feature are added for your business to rank online. Optimizing for on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a rigorous task, but it will increase your organic traffic.

Also, try to always make use of long tail keywords. Just get your high commercial intent keyword bases covered. Long-tail keywords account for a majority of web searches, meaning that you are definitely missing out if you’re not targeting them as part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You must have noticed that before showing any result in Google, 200+ things are checked and only then the result is shown.

In this post, we will talk about the 10 most important out of 200+ ranking factors in 2024 or know how a post can be ranked with their help.

1: Page Authority

To understand Page Authority in short, what is the value of the pages of your site, or the higher it is, the more value Search Engines give to it.

The simple trick to increase Page Authority is that you have to manage your page in the right way, keep it in all the right formats, or whatever content you use in it should also be in one flow. Image, Video, etc. in it.

In simple words, you must increase the value of your page, for this you should link it to other pages of your site, or even provide a backlink to this page.

2: Link Relevancy | Backlink

You will know what is backlink or how important it is, or I have also told you in my previous post how to create a high quality backlink .. but along with creating a backlink, its relevance is also very important.

There are benefits from backlinks, but the link which is on your page will not be related to it and Google will not give it much value, so try to add these links to related pages on your page.

In the new update of Google, it has also been told how to create a backlink, or a warning has also been given for those who do guest posts. 

You must also add internal link to your blog post, keep in mind that only add the link which is related to it.

3: Content Length

If you want to top the SERP, you will have to write a long article, this is something that many top bloggers have served, or it is true that long content ranks quickly in Google.

The reason for ranking long content quickly is that it becomes easier for Google to understand what the page is about. But if there is not much information or it is written a little, then Google will not understand that page. In which case he is, that's why he doesn't rank him too soon.

So you have to keep in mind that you have to write good length articles.

Now this question must have come in your mind, how many words should I write in an article? It depends on this, or you can take it from the fact that whatever information you are giving is complete or with details.

In order to increase your height, you should not add the wrong story, otherwise it can also cause harm, I will tell you about it in the next point.

4: Content Detail | Content Relevancy

If you are writing any article, you have to give the information which is necessary for the user, it means that you should not give more title, or write more in the content, Google can reduce your rank by doing so.

For example: If your title is “ How to create a website ” then you have to give this information, or apart from this if you give some more information so that neither the user will like it nor Google will like it.

As I mentioned in the previous point, the longer the length of the content, the faster it will rank in the search, but in the meantime, you should not write anything that is of no use.

As much information is required as it is to be given, neither more nor less.

5: Average Time Spent on Page

This is the most important ranking factor of today, or if you understand it then you can easily rank any of your posts.

You write posts, keep complete SEO in mind or even write bad posts. This way you will go to the first page of Google, but if you want to come to the first position then you will have to increase the visitor's spending time on your page.

You can see in other words that you will have to reduce the Bounce Rate of your page.

Whenever someone clicks on the search result and comes to your site or stays on your site, Google will know that what he wants is on your site or if you are there in the last place then your rank will improve.

But if you are at the top or someone clicks on your site in search, then immediately after closing your page, Google thinks that it is relevant to the user, it is not on this page or your rank is down. 

So you have to keep this thing in mind, that if someone comes to your site then he will visit your site, for this you should try to make the content as interesting as possible.

You can see Bounce Rate with the help of Google Analytics , apart from this there is also a lot that you can track in Google Analytics.. If you have not yet added Google Analytics to your site then you should do it now.

6: Domain Authority

You may not know much about it, but let me tell you that Domain Authority also plays an important role in Google SERP ranking.

Domain Authority can be seen in simple words, the value of the domain of our site.. or it comes to calculate more than 40+ things.

You must have seen that a new site does not get ranked quickly, or its posts get indexed quickly, this is what is causing it.

You can submit posts through Direct Search Page , but it is better to get indexed in a natural way.

For this you will have to manage your site in the right way or always maintain its quality, when your Domain Authority increases.

7: Keywords 

What are keywords or what is the need to maintain keyword density ? I have already told you this, or this is also an important point which Google looks at.

Whatever post you write, definitely add Keyword in its Title Tag. Along with this, the more important the place is, the more you have to add it and add it correctly.

If you have true knowledge of On Page SEO then you will be able to use keywords easily.

8: Page Load Time

Kam Loading is very important in today's time, you can easily check it yourself, if you open any site or if it is not loading quickly then you can close it.

Google also takes care that its users get the desired experience, for this they show the full site in the search results which loads fast.

For fast loading speed of the website, you should use fast loading template , along with this I have also shared some tips to improve the speed of the site, you can also follow them.

9: Responsive Design

You must be knowing that most of the users use mobile or open your site from mobile. For them, it is very important for you to use mobile friendly template so that your site opens properly on mobile.

Google also presents this matter in a very series manner, so that if a user is searching through mobile then the site shown in the result should be mobile friendly.

You can read here how to make blogger template mobile friendly , or simply upload the mobile friendly template to your blog.

10: Clean Site

Whoever it is, everyone likes clean things or Google is also one of them, now I have told you how to run this website.

There are also some unnecessary things in the website which are not needed on the site, like some logos are added a lot to design, but some people like it more or the load time of the site is increased.

Popup in the site also irritates the user, so keep in mind that popups should never contain ads or if you show an Email Subscribe Box in the popup, make such a setting that it will open after the entire site is loaded.

Ads have to be placed on the site to earn income, but they should not be placed so much that the user does not understand what kind of ad or content is there.. In this case also Google may not like your site.

If you want to be visible to Google or want to get your post ranked top in Google, then you should pay attention to the fact that you give good experience to your visitors in every way, then Google itself will start promoting your site.

If you think there is any point other than this point, which Google considers more important, please tell us by commenting, or I will tell you about this information. Don't forget to tell us.

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