How to Remove Monetization Restrictions on Your Facebook Page

To remove monetization restrictions on a Facebook page, you'll need to follow these steps: Make sure your page meets Facebook's monetization eligibility requirements. To be eligible for monetization, your page must have at least 10,000 followers and have published at least 30 original posts in the last 60 days.

  • Go to your page's settings and click on the "Monetization" tab.
  • Click the "Start" button to start the monetization process.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the monetization process. This may include verifying your identity and adding a payment method.
  • Once you've completed the monetization process, you can start monetizing your page's content by enabling ads on your page and creating sponsored posts.
Keep in mind that Facebook reserves the right to remove monetization eligibility from pages that violate their terms of service or community standards. To avoid having your monetization eligibility removed, it's important to follow Facebook's rules and guidelines for content creation and promotion.

There are a few steps you can take to try to remove monetization restrictions on your Facebook page: Review and follow Facebook's monetization policies: 

Facebook has a set of policies that outline the types of content and activities that are allowed and prohibited for monetization on the platform. Make sure that your page and its content adhere to these policies.

Appeal the restriction: If your page has been restricted from monetization, you can appeal the decision by following the steps outlined in Facebook's appeal process. You will need to provide additional information and documentation to support your appeal.

Improve the quality of your content: Facebook may restrict a page from monetization if the content on the page does not meet its quality standards. Consider improving the quality and relevance of your content to make it more likely to be approved for monetization.

Consider applying for the Facebook Audience Network: The Facebook Audience Network is a tool that allows businesses to monetize their content through advertising. If your page has been restricted from monetization, you may be able to use the Audience Network to generate revenue from your content.

Keep in mind that Facebook's monetization policies are subject to change, and the company may decide to restrict or un-restrict a page at any time. It's important to regularly review and follow Facebook's policies to ensure that your page is in compliance and to increase your chances of being approved for monetization.

How to submit an appeal if your creator content, Page, or Profile is demonetized

Meta reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate access to, or discontinue the availability of, its content monetization features at any time.

Partner or Content Monetization Policies appeals on Facebook

If you've lost access to our monetization features, but you believe you should be eligible, you may be able to submit an appeal under both Partner and Content Monetization Policy categories.

Partner Monetization Policies: These rules apply to all Pages, profiles in professional mode, Events and Groups on Facebook. Violation of these policies results in loss of Page/profile/Group-level monetization eligibility.

Content Monetization Policies: Your content itself must follow these guidelines in order to be eligible for certain monetization products. A violation of these policies results in loss of monetization for the individual piece of content.

Partner Monetization Policies appeals on desktop (Pages/profiles/Groups)
  • Go to Meta Business Suite and click the Monetization.
  • Click Policy issues and select the Page/profile/group you want to appeal.
  • Click Request another review of the decision you would like to appeal.
Note: Meta Business Suite is not currently accessible by profiles in Professional mode.

Content Monetization Policies appeals on desktop (Individual content, i.e. video or reel)

For content violations, you can submit an appeal via this form.

Partner and Content Monetization appeals on mobile

On mobile, you will receive a notification in Facebook and in the monetization product you are using (example: Reels) if there is a violation that impacts your monetization status.

Upon clicking either of the alerts, you will automatically be redirected to the Policy issues page which will have a Restricted monetization alert with the option to Request review.

After you click Request review, you will be taken to an Appeals page. On this screen you can submit an appeal for the violations currently restricting your monetization.
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