50+ Must Use Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

If you are a blogger, you will do a lot of browsing on the Internet to do research or to learn something new. In this case, it is very important for us to use such tools or services which are useful for us. May it become a little easier..

I have already shared the complete list of which tools I use for HMH, or today in this post I am sharing with you 50+ Chrome Extensions which are useful for a blogger, or should be used.

You must be aware of what Extension is, in simple words it is used to increase the functionality of our browser. These are the Chrome Extensions that I am sharing with you, all of them are useful or each has its own purpose.

I use all these extensions or I would suggest you, if you are a blogger then you also install all these extensions in your browser .

If you are worried that your computer will become slow if you install so many extensions then do not worry because extensions are also available to solve this problem.

1. Bookmark Manager

Blogger is now available to visit many websites, now SEO is used for searching, there are many blogs which we follow.. now there are few tools..

Whatever website is useful to us, we bookmark it, so that whenever we need it, we can easily come to that website. But if we bookmark it normally, then many times we forget what is the name of that website. That's when we bookmarked you.

With the help of Bookmark manager, we can keep all our links by setting them according to category. And its special thing is that without visiting the website we can also see the preview of the website.
Install Bookmark Manager

2. Check My Links

If we add any link to our website or any article then from time to time it is our duty to keep checking whether there is any broken link.. because if there is any broken link then it is bad on our site. There is an impact or our user is also troubled.

If there are so many links in the page that opening them all one by one becomes a bit difficult or takes too much time, then with the help of this extension we can check in one click how many links are correct. How many links need to be corrected?

Whenever we run this Extension on any page, all the links get highlighted. The link which is correct is shown Green or the one which is Broken is shown Red. After which we can write them very easily.

With the help of Broken Link Technique, we can also create backlinks on other websites.
Check My Links

3. Page Analytics (by Google)

If you have a website, you must be using Google Analytics to track your users, how many visitors are visiting your website and what they are viewing.

If you don't do it, then you should do it, then you will not know how you will get the result of the hard work you are doing on your website. Here is the information on how to add Google Analytics to your website .

If we want to see any data in Google Analytics, we have to open the Google Analytics website, but with the help of this extension we can see live or past data on our website, which we get to know immediately. What kind of page or post is it performing?
Page Analytics (by Google)

4. Google Translate

If one has to convert one language into another, then this extension is very important.. You must have heard the name of Google Translate.. or must have used it too..

There is Google Translate website, Extension or Mobile App, with the help of which we can change any language.
Google Translate

5. GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture

You must be familiar with the need of taking a screenshot, or we can easily take a screenshot of the screen with the help of shortcut in our computer. But the problem arises when we have to take a screenshot of the entire page in one image.

If you want to take a screenshot of the full page of any website, you can easily take it with the help of this extension.

To take a screenshot, first of all you have to allow the website to be fully loaded, after that you can take a screenshot of the full page by clicking on the extension icon.
GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture

6. Grammarly for Chrome

While typing in English, it is normal to make spelling mistakes or it is normal to make grammar mistakes. If we have to do so then Grammarly Free Extension helps us a lot.

If Grammarly is installed in our browser , then whenever we spend some time, it will automatically show the wrong words or sentences as a red link, hence we can correct them by clicking on it.

What is Grammarly or how to use it , you will get complete information about it on HMH, if you are a blogger then you should have this extension in your browser. You can learn how to use it by reading our article.

7. Redirect Path

You must know what is Link Redirect, in which we click on a link but some other link opens in the browser. This is also called Link Clocking.

Link Clocking is normally used to hide Affiliate Links.

Very often it seems that there is some link which we need to know from where it has been redirected and opened so it is a little difficult to find it directly but with the help of this extension we can see very easily. .
Redirect Path

8. WhatRuns

Whenever we visit any foreign website or we like something whether it is its design, font or any layout… then we have to know that using which software the website is created. You can find out with the help of WhatsRuns extension.

Whatever page we want to know, what is being used on it, it is simple, we have to run the extension after the page is completely loaded.

9. HTTPS Everywhere

Along with online browsing, it is very important for us to take care of our security, or for that it is necessary for us to confirm that the website we are opening is completely secure or our data will not be hacked in any way. .

For secure connection of any website, it is necessary that the website is loaded with SSL certificate (https://). If any website is loaded in http:// then any hacker can steal our data. Such a website is not considered secure.

If you are opening a website which does not have https, then with the help of this extension you can open even an unsecured website by making a secure connection.

We have to install this extension in our browser, after that automatically whatever website we open, it automatically enables https, we do not need to do any effort…
HTTPS Everywhere

10. Extensity

If you like many Chrome extensions then you must install this extension in your browser. Because with the help of this extension you can easily manage all your extensions or enable or disable the extension in a simple click. hai.

If I talk about about 100 extensions installed, then it is clear that all these extensions are not required all the time.. we can manage all this with the help of this extension.

We can create groups of as many extensions as we have, or create separate profiles.. If we have to do keyword research, we can enable all the extensions related to it, while using Youtube, we can enable all the related extensions.. or You can set it as per your wish.

This is one of my favorite extensions .. because if this extension was not there then I could not even think of installing so many extensions together.. because if 100 extensions were installed together in the browser, my computer would become very slow. 

11. The Great Suspender

Whenever we do research on any topic. Hey, you search a lot, how many tabs do you have to open like this, if you are a blogger then you would know..

Please tell me if normally 30-40 tabs remain open or sometimes it goes beyond 100+.

Well, we do not have any problem with how many tabs we open, but if the tabs are open or we are not using them, they still use the RAM of our computer , then we definitely have a problem.. because if the entire RAM is in our tabs. Hi, the computer seems to be very slow when I use it.

With the help of this extension, we can solve this problem very easily.. Simple thing is that whenever any tab is open for a long time but we have not opened it, that page goes offline, like this page. The RAM that is being used in me is our problem.. or if we open our page twice, the page gets loaded again.

For people who use a lot of tabs , this extension is no less than a miracle.
The Great Suspender

12. Bitwarden – Free Password Manager

It is very important to keep a strong password to secure our account on any website online , or the password should be strong because we use different passwords on each website.

How to use different passwords on each website, but how to remember them.. To solve this problem, we use Password Managers, in which we can keep all our passwords secure under one master password. .

There are many Password Managers in the market, you can use any one of your choice like 1Password, LastPass, Bitwarden etc.
Bitwarden – Free Password Manager

13. ShowPassword

This is a small but useful extension, with the help of which we can see whatever password or text is hidden on the website.

It happens a lot whenever we enter a password on a website, it tells us wrong but we don't understand what mistake we are typing.. because whatever password we are typing is happening ***** show. I am hot..

With the help of this extension we can see the real text.

14. Find & Replace for Text Editing

Sometimes it happens that we have to replace a single word at every place in our post.. so replacing all the places one by one seems less burdensome or it also wastes time.

It's been a long time since I have come across a post in which I have made the same mistake. It is a pain in the ass to search for everything one by one. After all this trouble, I installed this extension which helped me now. Made it very easy.
Find & Replace for Text Editing

15. StayFocusd

If you need to work with focus or you do not want to start wasting your time on any website by talking about your work then this extension is for you.

With the help of StayFocusd Extension, you can block all the time wasting websites . So that you can work with focus and your attention will not be diverted to unnecessary things.

Normally what happens is that we open FB for 2 minutes or we waste hours in it or the work of our blogging remains there.. so if you want to work with focus then you can use this extension. Install it also.

16. Clockify Time Tracker

We are working on some project or we are working on some blog post .. whatever work we are doing. We are just passing time.. If we track you then by looking at our data we can tell as a society where we should spend more time or where we should save our time.

With the help of its browser extension, we can easily track our time, or it also has a mobile app or website so our data is visible everywhere.. so that we can do whatever work we do during the day easily. Can track.

Tracking lets us know how much of our time we are wasting or how much of our time we are using . If we want to be successful, it is important that we use our time wisely.
Clockify Time Tracker

17. Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker

Whenever we open a website, we are also tracked by Google Analytics or by other scripts, or many scripts are also loaded in the background. Along with them, ads also come.

If you are doing any privacy work or you do not want the website you are running to know about you then you can block all the tracking with the help of this extension.. during the loading time of the website. He also seems to be fast.

Being a BLogger, I would not advise you to use Ad Blocker. But if you are using a website which is looking very spammy then this extension proves to be very useful.
Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker

18. What Font – find font

There are lakhs of crores of websites online, it is not known how many types of fonts are used. In this way, if we have visited any website or seen any text on any image which we liked or where we need to use it.. in this way, what is the name of our font, we can easily find it with the help of this extension. Is possible.

If we have to search the name of any font , we have to search by simply selecting it. After that, by searching in the directory of WhatFont, the name appears.

If you are a web developer then there is no need to tell me how much you need this extension.
What Font – find font

19. ColorZilla

If there is any color in the image of any website, if you want to know its color code then this extension is the best or easy option for that, simply run the extension and move your mouse over that color.

Color code is most needed while doing web design, or with a slight change in the color code, the entire color changes. Therefore, it is very important to use the same color code, which we can do with the help of this extension. .

20. Hunter – Email Finder Extension

If you want to contact the owner of any website, email is the best option. But sometimes we do not find that email easily on any website because where they have mentioned it.

With the help of this extension we can search the email of the owner of any website.

Normally Email is needed for Guest Post outreach or any other work.. which becomes very easy with the help of this extension, because after receiving the Email, we have to type a new email and send it.
Hunter – Email Finder Extension

21. Email Tracker for Gmail – Mailtrack

Whenever we send an email to someone, we do not know whether that person has read our email or not.

Normally we would have seen this on your Whatsapp in which when the person in front has read our message then we will come to know that it has been sent.. Similarly, with the help of this browser extension, we can also find out in the mail that the person in front has read our mail. opened it or not.

If we find out that it has been opened then we can discuss further by emailing us again.
Email Tracker for Gmail – Mailtrack

22. Lightshot (screenshot tool)

By taking a screenshot online or sending it immediately, you can tell someone that it is a lengthy process.. or if we waste some time in the process, how will it proceed..

With the help of this extension, we can take a screenshot of any page or website or edit it and upload it online immediately in one click, after which we get the share link of that image.

We can share our screenshot with anyone by sharing our link. This tool has helped us a lot whenever we need to share a screenshot immediately.
Lightshot (screenshot tool)

23. Grammar and Spelling checker by Ginger

We also type something if we have a spelling or grammar mistake so that what we want to say is that the society in front of us has failed or the impression we have is also getting spoiled.

If you do not want your Grammar mistake to happen or someone to judge you then you must keep this Chrome Extension installed.

It is absolutely free or it also has a paid plan, if you take it then it also saves your typing habits, so with the help of autosuggestion, we can type fast.

This extension is best for proofreading, or if you are a blogger then you must do proof reading.
Grammar and Spelling checker by Ginger

24. Save All Resources

If you want to download any website online completely offline, this extension is the best option. If we do it ourselves then we have to do one page separately, still we cannot get everything.. But with the help of this extension we can download the entire website with all HTML, CSS, Javascript or images in one click. can do.

Whenever we download any website, a zip file is downloaded with the name of our website, inside which all the files of our web page are stored.. or if we open its index page, we get exactly the same website. Which door is open?

This extension can be very useful for web developers, because if we like any widget or element on any website, we can easily get its code with the help of this extension.
Save All Resources

25. Bitly | Powerful Short Links

On the one hand, sharing any long link online looks ugly or on the other hand, if there is a text limit then the text gets too much to share. In such a situation, Shot Link Services is used, with the help of which we can shorten any link. can do.

We can also earn money through Short Links, I have shared earlier about that also.. Now we are talking about the extension, with the help of which we can easily share any page or URL by shortening it.
Bitly | Powerful Short Links

26. Just Delete me

Online we have to create an account whenever we need it, but if we need an account now then we don't believe that we still have to do this, which is wrong.. because all our data is also there. She lives there..

If we want to keep our privacy secure, we should not create an account on such a website which misuses our data.. or if we have created one, we should delete it.

Regarding how to delete account of any website online , I have already told in detail step by step. In which we can delete any account directly in one click with the help of Extension.
Just Delete me

27. ZenMate Free VPN

Using VPN is a good option for your security online, which hides our original IP address or lets no one know from where we are accessing the website.

If we want to open any blocked website, we can also use VPN.

I would suggest you, if you use any such website which is not authentic or in which there is a risk that they can track you and misuse your data, then you should not open that site without VPN.
ZenMate Free VPN

28. Link Grabber

If there is a page where there are many links which you need to copy, instead of copying them one by one, you can use this extension with the help of which all the links of that page will be copied in one click.

If you have searched a bit on Google, now it is showing top 10 websites and you have to copy their link, you can do it very easily with the help of this extension.

Be it a Wikipedia page or any other website, you can copy all the links of the page with its help.
Link Grabber

29. Emoji Keyboard

You must know what Emoji is, or you must be using it..

By using emoji we can also add emotions in our text message..so if we have to express our emotions then we have to use emoji..

Now whether you are writing a post in your blog or posting on Facebook, Twitter, Insta.. If we want to add emotion to our message then we have to add Emoji to it.

In mobile, there are Emojis in the keyword, but if we are on computer then we need Emoji Keyword.
Emoji Keyboard

30. Print Friendly & PDF

This is the best extension to convert any website into PDF in which we can convert the page into PDF.

By printing it in the normal way, we save it in PDF so that we can see whatever element is there in the page, but if we use this extension then we can remove whatever element we want from the page after that in PDF. Can create.
Print Friendly & PDF

31. Web Archiver

There are lakhs of websites on the Internet which are improving their design day by day with the trend.. in this way if we have to see the old page of any website then we use Wayback Machine website in which we can see the old page of any website . Can see the page .

With the help of this extension, we do not need to go anywhere, simply wherever we want to see the old version of the website or page, we can see it by clicking on the icon of the extension.
Web Archiver

32. Tubebuddy

Just as we do SEO for our website to rank it, similarly to rank our YouTube video we also have to do SEO for our videos .. now we have to find keywords or spy on other channels for that. We need tubebuddy.

Tubebuddy is one of the useful apps for YouTube , if you are a YouTuber then install the extension now.. you will understand yourself what is its use.

33. FatRank

In blogging, we have to go to Google to check whether our website is ranking on the keyword we are targeting or not. After that we also have to see on which page our website is.

With the help of this extension, we can directly search our keyword on the website and see whether our website is ranking on this keyword or not or at what number our website is showing.

With us we can check the rank of both Google or Bing in one place.

34. Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google)

If we are watching a video online or doing any other work at that time, this extension is very useful, because with its help we can see the video in a popup window which we can set anywhere. Yes, you can do your other work also.

This extension is officially from Google, if you watch videos on YouTube you have to install this extension.
Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google)

35. Tag Assistant Legacy (by Google)

Any number of Google codes can be added to the website page such as Google Analytics or Google Tag. With the help of which Google finds it easier to understand the content of our website.

Whenever we add a tag, it is a little difficult to manually verify that it is correct or not, or sometimes a wrong tag is added. This can be done better with the help of Google's Iss Tag Assistant extension.
Tag Assistant Legacy (by Google)

36. Word Counter Plus

Whatever article we write in blogging, you must know how important it is for us to take care of the word count.. The longer the article, the more keywords we can use or the length of our article. There are more chances to rank.

What should be Keyword Density? I have already told you in this article.. You have to keep in mind your keyword density.. Along with that, you should also know how long is the post you are writing..

With the help of this extension, you can easily see how many words have been written or how long the post has been made by selecting the text.
Word Counter Plus

37. Page load time

Loading speed is so important for the website, this includes all the bloggers, because if their website is not fast then why will any user like to visit their website.

Google has also said officially that Website Speed ​​is a Ranking Signal , meaning the website which loads fast will rank on top.

How to speed up the loading speed of the website has been explained in detail in my article, in which I have shared all the points in detail.. If you want to increase the speed of your website then you must read our article..

With the help of this extension, we can see the loading time of any website.. Which gives us the idea that if the site is taking more than 3 seconds to load, it means we need to work on the speed of the site.
Page load time 

38. Google Mail Checker

What is Email for a blogger? Checking emails on time or replying to unread messages is important along with other tasks.

Many times emails are sent for sponsor posts, or we suffer loss if we do not reply on time. That is why it is important that whenever we receive emails, we get the information immediately.

Well, we can also keep the email notification on in mobile, but it is more disturbing, but with the help of this extension, we can see all the unread email notification in the browser.. or we can open Gmail by clicking on the icon. ..

This is a small but useful extension, which is from Google.
Google Mail Checker

39. RiteTag

If we want to increase the reach of our post on social media, so that it can reach more people, it is important that we use the right HashTags.

With the help of this extension, you can find the top hashtag of your post according to its keyword and use it in your post.

40. Keyword Surfer

If any work is most important in blogging then it is Keyword Search , in which the work of a blogger is that he first searches the keyword which gets more searches and then writes an article on that keyword and publishes it on his blog.

With the help of this extension, we can directly see an estimate of how many search results the keyword we searched has on the Google Search Page. This gives us an idea whether this keyword is right for our blog or not.

Keyword Surfer

41. MozBar

This is a useful extension for blogger because with its help we can see the Domain Authority or Page Authority of any page, along with this we can also see the number of links on the page whether they are no-follow or do-follow. 

After installing the extension, if we open any website, or search on Google, a matrix related to that website is shown which gives us an idea of ​​the authority of the website.

Now in this way, if we are writing a post on any topic, then if we know how much authority the website which is already ranking has, we can estimate how much hard work we will have to do to rank our website. .

What is Page Authority or Domain Authority of a website or how to increase Domain Authority, its detailed information is available on HMH,

42. SEOquake

If you want to do SEO audit of the website or check details related to SEO of any page, this extension is best for us.

With the help of this extension, we can see Backlinks, Traffic or Ads of any page, which gives us a better idea of ​​how much work will have to be done if we want to improve the website.

Or if you are doing SEO of your website then with the help of this extension you can easily see and correct all the SEO errors.

43. BuzzSumo

If we want to get traffic to the website then an easy way to do it is Social Media, however we can get traffic by sharing our website.

If we want to get more traffic from social media like Facebook, Twitter then we have to understand which type of content is shared more, or we can do this easily with the help of this extension.

We can see the Social Count of any page, how many times it has been shared or who has shared it.. Along with this we also know who is the top sharing page of any website or which page gets more traffic. Can be seen with the help of extension.

You may know that traffic comes from social media, but you may not know how many ways there are to bring traffic from social media, please read here.

44. Whatsmyserp

There are many tools available for doing keyword research, but this is a useful tool.

When we search anything in Google, we can see how many log searches are done for our keyword monthly, or what CPC of Ads is going on our keyword, we can see it directly on the search page.

Meaning, if we are researching a keyword, we will also find out how many people are searching for this topic.

45. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs is a paid SEO tool , in which we get more accurate information than any other SEO tool. In this way, if we use its browser extension, we can see the SEO profile of any website.

Extension ki help se ham Page ki Index detail, Word count, SEo difficulty, Title, description etc dekh sakte hai.
Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

46. ​​SEO Minion

This extension has also been added to the list of SEO extensions, with the help of which we can improve the SEO of our website.

With the help of this extension, we can do On Page SEO of our website, or can also see its preview to see how it will look in Google, can check broken links, or can correct it if any link is 404.

This is also shown on Google page, through which we can directly check the details of the website.
SEO Minion

47. Feedly Mini

If you are a blogger then you must follow good blogs, so that you can keep getting information or you can keep growing your knowledge.

So if you want to follow any website, the best way is to subscribe to their RSS Feed.

I use Feedly to follow RSS Feed , whose website or mobile apps are available. So now if I like any article but I am not able to read it in that time, then with the help of this extension, I use Feedly. We can add.
Feedly Mini

48. SimilarWeb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis

If you want to see the traffic or traffic sources of any website or see how the website is performing, this is a great extension which is an addon to the website.

SimilarWeb is a website so we can check the metrics of any website, or with the help of Extension we can view the website data directly in the browser.

Well, what is given is that no tool is 100% accurate, but still we get a good idea.

49. Easy Blog Commenting

If you are a blogger then you would know how important it is to comment.. or you would also definitely comment on other blogs .

With the help of this extension, we can create our Comment Profile, so that whenever we go to comment, the rest of the fields get filled automatically, which saves us a lot of time.

In this extension we can create more than one comment profile, this is very useful especially when we are creating comment backlink for any of our blogs.
Easy Blog Commenting

50. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

If you want to take a screenshot of any website in the browser or record the screen, you can do it with the help of this extension or you can also share it online with anyone in a few clicks.

Along with recording the screen, Pan Tool is also available, through which we can draw anything on the video or image.

If it ever happens that we have to show something to someone on our website, we can send a screenshot by highlighting it.

51. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

This extension has been added to check the backlinks of the website or to see whether the backlinks are coming to the website or their quality.

With the help of this extension we can see the backlink of any website or page directly on that page.

If there are bad backlinks , we can remove them and maintain the quality of our website, along with that we can rank our website by creating quality backlinks .
Majestic Backlink Analyzer

52. SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank

If you want to check the SEO of your website or see how your website is performing in search engines or on social media, this is the best extension for that.

There are many other tools available for SEO Audit, if you are doing SEO of your website then you can also give this tool a try.

Onpage SEO can be seen in itself along with technical SEO or Off Page SEO, we can also analyze it separately.

53. Enhancer for YouTube™

Due to the name of extension, the society will wonder what will happen by using it.

Whatever functions we get on YouTube, how many more functions are added to the YouTube website after installing this extension, which increases our experience of using YouTube.

This extension adds so many useful options to YouTube that I would like you to read here, install it once and try it yourself. If you don't like it, you can remove the extension after writing.
Enhancer for YouTube™

This is the Chrome Extension that I use for blogging, or I feel that this useful extension makes a lot of work for the blogger easier.

I suggest if you have a Chrome Browser to keep all these extensions installed or activate them whenever you need any extension.

With the help of Extension, our work becomes easier and along with it, time is also saved. Therefore, if we want to do productive work, we should install Extension.

I have shared the list of Blogger Useful Extension. If you have found any useful extension then please share its name or its use with me in the comment.
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