How to Boost Your Google AdSense CPC and Earnings

There are many ways to earn money from a blog and usually money is earned from the blog by placing advertisements and Google Adsense is most used for placing advertisements on the blog, but if the Google Adsense CPC and Google Adsense Revenue of your blog is very low. If so then it remains a matter of concern for you.

Because every blogger wants to earn money from his/her blog but even after doing a lot of hard work, he earns very little money, the main reason for which is the reduction of Google AdSense CPC.

Because the increase or decrease of your Google AdSense Revenue largely depends on it, if the Google AdSense CPC of your blog is high then you are able to earn good money from your blog, hence it is very important for the Google AdSense CPC of the blog to be high.

When we create a blog and put Google Adsense advertisements on it, initially Google Adsense CPC is low and especially in India it is generally low but Google Adsense CPC can be increased, for this first of all you need to know about Google Adsense CPC, CTR. It is very important to know about CPM.
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Google Adsense CPC

The full name of CPC is Cost Per Click i.e. when someone clicks on the advertisement shown on your blog by Google AdSense, you get money according to every click and how much money you get is called CPC i.e. Cost Per Click.

The higher the Google Adsense CPC of your blog, the higher is the Google Adsense revenue. You can check your daily blog CPC by going to your Google AdSense account.

Google AdSense CTR

The full name of CTR is Click Through Rate, which means what percentage of all the advertisements shown by Google on your blog are clicked. For example, 100 advertisements are shown by Google on your blog and they are clicked 10 times. If clicked then Blog CTR is 10 percent.

Google AdSense CPM

This is also an important factor to increase Google AdSense Revenue, whose full name is Cost Per Thousands. It tells how much money is paid by Google AdSense for 1000 impressions on your blog, hence the higher the CPM, the more money you will get from Google AdSense. Revenue increases.

How to increase Google AdSense CPC

In India, Hindi Blog CPC is generally very low, due to which Google AdSense Revenue is also very low because we get paid for clicking on advertisements. In such a situation, if Blog CPC is low then we get very less money.

Therefore, it is important for our blog's CPC to be high, so we are going to tell you about some methods using which you can increase the CPC of your blog.

New Google AdSense

If you have recently installed Google ads on your blog, then it is natural that you are given low CPC in the beginning, this is normal.

But if you start your blog by targeting a country where the currency value is high then you get high CPC like United States, Australia, Canada, Marshall islands, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland etc.

Organic Traffic

To earn money from any blog, the most important thing is to have traffic on that blog, therefore, without traffic, there is no benefit in placing advertisements on the blog because until there is no one to see the advertisements on your blog, you will not be able to make money by placing advertisements on the blog. Can't earn money.

Initially you get traffic from Social Media on which you get low CPC, hence try to get maximum organic traffic lane on the blog, that is, if someone comes to your blog through Search Engine, then you get high CPC.

Therefore, search engine optimize your blog which helps you in getting organic traffic and this is a means by which you can bring thousands and lakhs of visitors to your blog every day.

Google AdSense Ads Size

It is very important that you choose the right ads size on your blog because you get Google AdSense CPC according to the type and size of ads you place on the blog.

Now this does not mean that you should go to the blog of any big blogger and create exactly the same ads and put them on your blog because it is not necessary that you will also get high CPC from them.

Therefore, it is very important to use ads size and ads location properly. We are telling you about those ads sizes using which you can increase Blog CPC.

-Half Page Large Skyscraper (300×600)

-The Leaderboard (728×90)

-The Medium Rectangle (300×250)

-Large Rectangle (336×280)

-Large Mobile Banner (320×100)

-Mobile Leaderboard (320×50)

-Wide Skyscraper (160×600)

-Portrait (300×1050)

-The Billboard (970×250)

-The Square (250×250)

These ads are most used to increase Blog CPC. You can also increase the Google AdSense CPC of your blog by creating this type of Ads unit.

Create New Ads Unit

When we get Google AdSense Approval on our blog, then we create an ads unit and keep using the same ads unit for many years.

Therefore, if the CPC of your blog is very low, then you can create new ads units and place them in place of the old ads units. Even by doing this, the blog CPC increases.

Experiment With Google ads

Many bloggers look at other blogs and place similar ads on their blogs, but it is not necessary that similar ads help in increasing the earnings of your blog and the methods that other bloggers use to increase Blog CPC are applicable on your blog. Work too.

Therefore, you have to experiment with Google Adsense ads on your blog, it does not mean that you should tamper with the Google ads code in any way.

Rather, you have to experiment on Google ads size and ads location to see if you place any type of ads and where you get good CPC. In this way, you can find out the right type of ads and location for your blog.

Link ads vs Display ads

Many people believe that Link ads give more money than Display ads but we believe the opposite because Display ads are more attractive and the advertiser has to pay more money to Google for it, hence the chances of clicking on Display ads are higher. You get more money than link ads.

But it is true that Link Ads get more clicks as compared to Display Ads, due to which Link ads earn more money, but if you are able to get clicks on Display ads in the same manner, then Blog CPC and Google AdSense Revenue will increase. There is a lot of expansion.

Use Minimum Ads

Most of the new blogs use a lot of ads on their blog due to which Blog CPC becomes low, hence you should use 4-5 ads on your blog.

Apart from this, you can also use Google auto ads which makes your blog professional and also helps in increasing Blog CPC and from time to time Google keeps providing many types of features which can be used to increase the publisher's earnings. This helps in increasing Google Revenue.

Write Quality Content With Keywords

Quality and Unique Content helps a lot in ranking your blog in Google, which gives you very good traffic as well as CPC and also you can increase Google AdSense CPC by using High CPC Keywords. By keeping some other things in mind, you can increase Google Adsense CPC and Google Adsense Revenue of your blog like-

-Mobile Friendly website

-Fast Laoding Website

-Increase CTR

-Increase Domain & Page authority

-Increase Search Engine Traffic

-Write Long Articles

– Proper keyword Researching

– Use Responsive Ads

-Choose Best Niche for Blogging

By using these methods you can increase the CPC of your blog and increase Google Adsense Revenue . We hope you liked our post.

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