How to Create a PayPal Account That Sends and Receives Money In Nigeria 2023

If you are looking for how to create a PayPal account that you can use to send, receive and withdraw money in Nigerian, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn how to open PayPal account in Nigeria with your address. You will also learn the process of withdrawing PayPal funds to your Nigeria Bank, and this goes without saying that this information is in very high demand and you will be among the select few fortunate enough to get it on this site for free.

There are many contents around this topic but this blog stands out because it will show you what you really need to know about this subject.

For example, if you search for the keyword, how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria on, you’re most likely to see several pages that won’t satisfy your search because not all of them are willing to share this secrete for free.

While some of the post provides an answer in its own way, it doesn’t really satisfy the PayPal need of a typical Nigerian like you and me.

And in my opinion, it’s useless to spend time opening a Nigerian PayPal account the way it’s described on some of these websites or the usual way.

Because you’d better send your money abroad with express services like Western Union International Transfer, which is available almost at every bank in Nigeria than spend time with the traditional model of using PayPal in Nigeria where you can not withdraw your money.

So, what does this post has to offer?

As a Nigerian-based online freelancer, who has worked on various micro job sites, starting from to for over 6 years plus now, I must say, I have mastered the process of how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria that allows you to send and receive funds without PayPal limitation.

Not alone opening, also how to operate it in the most fairy legal way that your account doesn’t contradict the PayPal operational policy

So far, like many other Nigerians, using PayPal in Nigeria involves so many black hat methods even though they’re not totally illegal.

This means you will be using other countries PayPal gateway but with your legal name and credentials.

Some website will require you to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), but this method I am sharing with you now does not require you to use VPN or any black hat method. Please note that either method is safe if you use it according to the PayPal user agreement policy.

Lesotho PayPal is one of the most widely created PayPal accounts in Nigeria commonly used by affiliate marketers, bloggers, and freelancers like me to receive payment.

It doesn't require the technicalities nor the use of VPN found in opening a USA or UK PayPal account.

Why Creating Lesotho PayPal PayPal Account:

Except you are very very new to online payment platforms, you would have known that Nigerians PayPal cannot receive funding. You can only load money with your card and use it to pay for services or to shop online and who work to make money just to spend it buying stumps. Not me though! 

Difference Between Lesotho and South Africa PayPal:

The only differences has to do with the mode of withdrawal in Nigeria. They have an entirely different method of withdrawing funds to a Nigeria bank account.

You can withdraw PayPal funds via payoneer if you are using South Africa PayPal and withdrawing using the visa card method can only work with Lesotho, Morocco and UEA PayPal accounts.

Signup with any of the domain name below:

Especially for this blog, some of those foreign gateways you can use include the following but in the course of this blog we are going to use Lesotho PayPal.

                                                           PayPal US (
                                                           South Africa (
                                                           Lesotho (
                                                  Iceland (
                                                           Kenya (
                                                           Morocco (
                                                           UAE (

Steps on How to open Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria

Requirements needed on How to open Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria are:

Email address
Government Issued Document, eg. Your National ID, Driver’s License or International Passport.
Phone Number

Without any further delay, let get started.

Visit or copy and paste this link in your browser.

Click on Signup and then select ‘Business account’, because that is the account that has the full PayPal features you’ll need. Click on Signup and then select ‘business account’ on the next page.

Enter your email address on the next page.
Then enter your personal information.
Enter your strong password.

On the business information area, where asked for legal names enter your first name and last name there, in the business name you can use any business name you want, it doesn’t have to be registered business.

For telephone number, click the drop-down option from Lesotho and change it to Nigeria, which is 234 then enter your mobile number there, omitting the very first zero that start the number, for instance instead of 08037000000, use 8037000000.

Then you enter your address and the next is to select the currency (USD) you want the PayPal to use, then agree and continue.

After this you will be taken to the next page which is the tell us about your business page where you will be requested to write little about what type of business. Just select ‘individual’ and then select anything a category and subcategory here and proceed you can omit the URL option and leave it blank.

Click the ‘continue button’ and you will be taken to account holder information page where you are required to provide an identification document (ID) for verification. Put in Nigeria as your nationality, select the document you wish to use and enter the corresponding details there.

While this is not usually authenticated and you can use whatever details you want it is best to use accurate details for future reference.

So next is to click on the submit button in the above image. When you do that, you will see a “Thank you” page as shown below asking you to confirm your email address to activate your account and set up your payment.

Congratulations you have successfully signed up. You now need to check your email and verify your account creation by clicking the link on the email Paypal sent. 

The obvious next thing to do to add your Debit or Credit card. So let’s get into it.

How to verify your Lesotho PayPal account with Credit or Debit Card

You may be wondering if Nigerian Naira card can work on Lesotho PayPal account, well the answer is YES. You can link your Naira card issued by Nigeria Bank to it to add money to your PayPal wallet.

Most PayPal earners in Nigeria tend to sell to Exchangers or use it to shop online, in store that accept PayPal as means of payment. Since these options seem to be the only solution to eliminate their fund but thanks to these latest discovery on Alat by Wema and Naira dominated UBA Africard. With one of these two you withdraw your money from Paypal. 

You can use any of these two cards: Alat by Wema or Naira dominated UBA Africard.

Requirement to Get UBA Africard in Nigeria

Just like I got my own, here are the things you ll need:
A passport photograph
A utility bill (e.g NEPA bill)
Means of Identification like National ID card, Driving licence and any government issued document
Your Bank Verification Number, BVN
Some funds to load (to activate the card) you can deposit like 5k equivalent to dollars. 

Those are the few stuffs you need to get together and boldly apply for the UBA Africard or Prepaid Card in Nigeria.

Steps to Link Debit/Credit card To Your Lesotho PayPal account

You can use this link to link your card to your PayPal by clicking this link

Insert your card details accordingly, and then click on the “link” button to proceed. You should either see a success message or an error message. If your card is approved, it will show success message while if your card is disapproved, definitely you will see an error message. Don’t worry; you will know which one is it when you get it (smile).

After you successfully linked the card, it should redirect you back to the wallet page. Click on the card you just linked. You should see a verify card option, click on it.

Some little cash around 400 Naira will be debited from the card. And then you will receive a 4 digit verification code from your bank. The code may come instantly or take more than 24 hours to arrive. Soon after you receive it, login to your PayPal account and insert the code at the appropriate place to complete the verification process.

Your account status will immediately change to “verified” after you complete the verification of your PayPal account. And the amount debited from your card will also be refunded.

You will see a message of such below if your account is verified, but if not, it will redirect you back to your PayPal account dashboard. 

Whenever or anytime you want to login to your PayPal account, always use this link

When you have issues with your account, you should call PayPal on this number 1-402-935-2050 with the number you used when registering the PayPal account and it will be resolved ASAP.

Note that when calling them always makes sure you have your unique one time passcode.

Withdrawing PayPal funds to Nigeria Bank From Lesotho PayPal Account

Congratulation to this latest discovery how you can start withdrawing PayPal funds to Nigeria Bank at 362/$ without using any exchanger or middle man.

Earlier, before this recent that we discovered this particular VISA card that we can use to withdraw from our PayPal account in Nigeria. Withdrawing in Nigeria from PayPal has really been the most difficult thing.

Your Master card will only work for adding money to your PayPal wallet and won’t work for withdrawing. Also, we can’t link our Nigeria Bank to the PayPal, it won’t work. 

The PayPal account that allows you to add bank account and withdraw to the bank is USA PayPal account. Even then, you can’t add your Nigeria Bank account directly. You will need to add a Payoneer USA bank account.

After successfully adding the Payoneer bank and verifying it, you can then withdraw to the bank, from the Payoneer Bank, You can easily withdraw to your Nigerian Bank (Domiciliary Account).

However, with this Visa Card you will be able to withdraw your funds from a Lesotho paypal account to your Visa Card account at a rate of 380/naira. Isn't that awesome? I’ve done this so many times successfully. To learn about this card you can contact me via whatsapp only on +2348108175738. I should warn you that a small fee is involved.

Conclusion: How to create Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria

This process that I’ve written above has been how we’ve been using and rocking PayPal in Nigeria. Hopefully in this article, you have learnt How to open Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria, verify, safeguard, withdrawing PayPal funds to Nigeria.

You will also get my LIVE Video showing you how to add your debit card and how to withdraw your money into you bank account or card LIVE.

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Some Questions About This Nigerian Paypal Account

#1: Can I send money with this Nigerian PayPal Account? Yes you can.

#2: Can I make payments with this PayPal account? Yes you can.

#3: Can I receive payment with this Nigerian PayPal account? Sure, that is the primary purpose.

#4: Can I link my bank account with this Nigerian PayPal account? Yes you can.

#5: Can I withdraw the PayPal funds to my bank account? Yes, for sure.

#6: Do I need to use another address to open this PayPal account? No, you are using Nigerian address.

#7: Can I verify this account in Nigeria? Yes for sure you can verify this PayPal account here in Nigeria.

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You Can Also Watch The Video On How To Get The Report!! How To Create a Paypal Account That Sends And Receives Money In Nigeria


Remember If you are online and do perform transactions online, you are gonna need a PayPal Account that sends and receives money.

If you are in Nigeria and you want to receive money from PayPal in Nigeria, you will see that you can’t do that but hey, We have provided the best solution to the Nigeria PayPal limitation.

What are you waiting for, grab this offer now before it becomes too costly!

Please do feel free to write to me via the comment box if you have any encounter during the account creation or anything that you do not understand in the write-up Join our Telegram Group here for more info 
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