17 Ways to Increase Your WordPress Site Speed Fast

You must have learned that if a website has to be ranked in Google, it should be a fast loading website.. Because Google says that they show only those sites whose performance is good so that the user does not face any problem. You can see Google Ranking Signals here.

If seen from the SEO point of view , the speed of the website has a direct impact on the ranking . Therefore, we should do those things to increase the speed of the website.

How to increase website speed has already been shared on HMH, or now I am sharing with you 17 more tips which can increase or decrease the speed of your website.
Why increase website speed?

Whenever a user opens any website, he wants it to load fast.

According to Google Research, if the website takes more than one second to load, up to 7% of users are lost. Or if the website loading time is more than 3% of the second, 53% of the users leave the website. Whose website has suffered huge damage.

If your website is that simple then you will want to get as many users as possible.. or for that you will also publish new content.

Google has also officially said that it considers Website Speed ​​as a ranking signal, or this ranking signal has been applied from June 2021, so you cannot ignore the speed of your website.
How to check website speed

There are many tools available to check website speed, whether your website is open for real users or how much time is being taken to load the content. If you want to know then you can use Monsterinsights plugin.

With the help of Monsterinsights plugin, we can add Google analytics to the website or track the performance of WordPress website, which lets us know in detail how much time is the website taking to load or if it is taking time. what to do with it.

To track WordPress Website Speed, you have to first install Monsterinsights plugin and then go to Insights >> Reports >> Site Speed , there you will get different reports for Mobile or Computer.

We can see the report, along with it, if any improvement is required to increase the site speed, its detailed guide is also available.

We can talk about the speed of the website in 4 points, or can set it according to what is loaded first or how late it is loaded.. or which script/code is not loaded.

Server Response Time – This is the time when the server responds before the website is loaded, it is directly connected to the hosting.

First Content Paint – When the website starts loading, the first content that is visible to the user is loaded, this is called first content paint.

Time to Interactive – After the website is loaded, when will the user be able to take any action on the website, such as filling a form or clicking on it.

Total Blocking Time – This is the time when the user cannot do anything on the website. Only after the blocking time can he do any action.

We have found all these details in monsterinsights.. which we can easily write to increase the speed of the website.

Let us now know what are the ways by which we can increase the speed of our website or rank it in Google.

Increase Speed ​​of WordPress Website

In the article on how to increase the speed of WordPress website, I had already shared information on HMH, you must read that too. Along with that, you also have to follow these tips which are being shared in this article.

1. Select the right WordPress Hosting

The main reason for how fast a WordPress website is loading is because of web hosting. If our site is hosted here and its response time is not fast then how can the website load fast.

If you want to focus on the speed of your WordPress website, then use only those which have WordPress Hosting.. such as Bluehost , Cloudways , Hostgator or WPX (HindiMeHelp is currently hosted on WPX.)

How to select Badiya Hosting , you will get its detailed guide here.

2. Use Caching Plugin to improve Response Time

Caching plugin plays a big role in the loading of the website, due to which whenever the user opens the website, the files which do not change are autoloaded in his browser, due to which the response time of the website becomes very good.

Free Plugin has WP3 or WP Super Cache.. But if you want to make the website speed super fast or are ready to invest for it then install WPRocket Plugin without thinking.

What is WP Rocket Plugin or how to use it , you will get its detailed information on HMH.

3. Image Optimize kare Compression Tools ki madad se

It is necessary to use image in blog post, or it is also said that one image is equal to 1000 words.. to use image should also be done..

But if the image we are using in the post is not properly optimized then the loading time of the site becomes very slow.

To optimize the image, first of all make the dimensions of the image according to your blog design. After that compress the size of the image.

You will get the information about how to compress online image size here. Along with this, there are also plugins in WordPress with the help of which the image can be compressed.

*Even if you use a plugin to compress images, make sure to compress them before uploading so that you don't use up too much space on your hosting.

4. Use CDN

If you want your website to load fast then it is necessary that the user requests to open your website in the browser so that the website loads quickly. For that it is necessary that the user knows the location where your website is hosted. ke pass ho.

Whenever we take hosting, where is its server located, or when a user opens it from anywhere in the world, it takes time to transfer the data, the solution to this is CDN.

CDN means Content Delivery Network, in which if we use CDM for our website, then with the help of CDM, the file of our website is distributed all over the world. If the user opens the website from anywhere in the world, then the nearest Data from the server is loaded into the browser.

You will get the information about what is the best CDN for WordPress on HMH. Along with this, I will suggest you that if you want to improve your website then you will not have any problem in making a small investment without even thinking about it. Be sure to add CDN to your website.

5. Always keep WordPress site updated

You must be aware that if there is any update in any thing then it is its improvement version, meaning it is better than before.. so whenever you get update of WordPress then you must update it..

Keeping your website up-to-date will benefit your speed, along with WordPress security will also improve if you keep it updated.

To update your WordPress site, you have to go to the Dashboard, there you will find which WordPress version your website is on.

If you do not want to manually update WordPress, you can also turn on auto update, so that whenever a new update comes, it will be updated automatically.

You can also turn on auto update in your plugin. Keep this in mind, if any plugin is not trusted then do not turn on its auto update.

6. Fast Loading Theme use 

To design your WordPress site well, you will have to use a different theme. But you should also know that if you use too many design elements, it will take time for the website to load.

Keep the website with minimal design which loads fast or the user does not face any problem in accessing the website.

Jese Genesis Theme is a fast loading theme which is also installed on HMH. Studio Press is also a fast loading theme.

7. Use less custom fonts in the website

Whatever content is there on the website, it is simple that you want it to be good or easy to view or read. But also keep in mind that if you use too many custom fonts, the loading time of the website will increase before all the files are loaded. Hence it is suggested that 1-2 font types should be used. .

If you are using any Google font, then its file will be loaded every time, so you will host that font on your website.. which will reduce the server request and the website will load fast.

8. Deactivate Plugin which you are not using

We use a lot of plugins to increase the functionality of WordPress, in this case we end up installing a lot of plugins which are not used much.

The more plugins you use, the more will be loaded on the server.. The solution to this is that you go to WordPress dashboard or look into plugins and see which plugins you need or deactivate all the others.

If there is any plugin which you will never need in future then you can also delete it.. The extra file which is created by the plugin on the server will be deleted.

9. Use Fast WordPress Plugin

If you use any plugin in WordPress, then keep this thing in mind that due to that plugin, the loading time of the website will not increase or decrease.

If there is any such plugin which has not been updated for a long time, then it may not work properly in the updated WordPress version. Therefore, whenever you install any plugin in WordPress, compare it with other plugins related to it. . After that decide which plugin you want to install.

Whenever you install any plugin, check the loading time of your website before installing or even after installing, so that you will get a clear idea of ​​how much difference your plugin has made in the loading time.

10. Correct Render-Blocking Javascript or CSS

Whenever the website is opened, many scripts or files are loaded in it, there are some scripts which are not needed in starting.. It means that the most important thing is that the content of the website is loaded, after that the image and then ads. or the remaining things are loaded..

So that whatever is useful to the user is loaded in the beginning so that the user does not get troubled.

Such plugins are also available in WordPress with the help of which we can set which script is loaded first or which after.

If you want to fix all this easily or quickly then you can use WP Rocket plugin.

11. WordPress Database Optimize

The next way to increase the speed of the website is to optimize the database of the website.

As the website becomes old, we install or remove many themes or plugins, some files remain in the database which we no longer need and it becomes necessary for us to delete them. So there is no more load on the database.

There are many plugins available to manage the database in WordPress, you can optimize the database by using any plugin.

For example you can use WP-Sweep plugin.

12. Direct Video or Audio files ko WordPress me upload na kare

To write a new article, it is necessary that we add as many media content as possible so that the user can get better information.

For example, in a new post, along with the graphics image, we should also add video or audio. But here it is important to keep in mind that we should not upload the video or audio file directly in WordPress.

We can use any third party website to host the video, like Youtube is the best way.. We can upload the video on Youtube and embed the video in the post.

13. Long Article Multiple Page

Whenever we write a post, our main objective is that whatever information is there should be written in detail so that the user also likes our post or the user also likes it because he also gets all the information in detail at one place. hai.

However, many people doubt whether the long post is too long or short , about this the post has already been shared on HMH, if you also have this doubt then you can read it.

It is good for everyone to write a long post, but if it is too long, the image or content gets loaded which increases the loading time of the website.

Whatever post you are making, if it is very long, you can split the post into multiple pages, this option is easily available in WordPress.

To split a WordPress post into multiple pages, you simply have to add Page Break Block to the post.

If you use WordPress Classic Editor then you can use <!–nextpage–> tag.

14. Comment section ko Divide kare multi page me

If your blog is as popular as HMH, you will get a lot of comments on your blog, which is the same thing for any blog. But if there are a lot of comments, the page takes time to load.

If there are too many comments, you can set in your WordPress settings how many comments to show on your post. Normally, you keep it at 50 comments.

15. Instead of showing the full post, its part should be shown on the home page.

When we post, by default the entire post is visible on the home page.. But what happens is that many posts are loaded simultaneously which increases the loading time.

In WordPress we also get the option to show the entire post or a small part of the starting post.

Simply go to WordPress setting and go to Reading . or then For each post in a feed, select Include Summary .

16. Run Backup Plugin on Low Traffic

Be it a WordPress website or any other website on the Internet, it is very important to maintain its backup because even if something wrong happens to the website, we can fix it easily with the help of backup.

There are many backup plugins for taking backup in WordPress, by simply installing them you can take backup daily or weekly as per your requirement.

Whenever you set the time of website backup, make sure that you select the time when the website has the lowest traffic. Which will not put much load on the server.

You will get detailed information on how to take backup of WordPress website here.

17. Use Lazy Load

Be it any website, users like it only when it loads fast. In such a situation, it often happens that the thing which is useful to the user is not loaded or the thing which is not useful is loaded first. The user is in great trouble.

The solution to this problem is Lazy Load, after setting which as the user scrolls the website, the same content is loaded.. Its benefit is that the niche content of the website is not loaded first or the upper content. load is hot.

You can also install a plugin for lazy load, in which you can set the image or other elements of the page.

You can set it up in a few clicks with the help of Lazyload by Rocket plugin.

These are enough tips for now, I hope you have learned a lot from them.. or you will be able to do everything to improve the speed of your WordPress website by tracking it.

If you have any question then you can ask by commenting, don't forget to tell us about this information.
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