What are Domain Authority and Page Authority and How to Check it

If you have heard or seen anything about SEO, you must have come across words like Domain Authority or Page Authority. The higher the authority , the easier it is for the website to rank.

So without wasting any time, let's know what is Domain Authority or Page authority?

Google has more than 200 ranking factors which are checked before showing any result.. To have such Website Authority or Page Authority.

Let's start with what is domain authority and move on to how it is measured?

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is also called DA in short or it is the score of the website's domain which is out of 100. Domain Authority estimates how well a website can rank.

Keep in mind that the higher the Domain Authority, the better it is considered. Or it also happens that the website which has low Domain Authority but could not rank easily in Google.
Some important information about Domain Authority!

1) Domain Authority is based on an algorithm. Many website owners say that you can improve the Domain Authority of your website by 20-30. But after that it becomes very difficult.

By 20-30 your domain authority increases in a very short period of time but the more your domain authority increases, the more time it takes.

2) Building Domain Authority of your website is not an easy thing. It does not happen that you bought your domain today and created your website or your domain authority will be lost tomorrow.

Domain Authority increases with time, if the quality of the website is to be maintained.

3) Because of Google's SEO algorithm, more than 200 factors matter or no one knows which factors they are, but there are approximately 40 factors for Domain Authority.

So, by now you all know what Domain Authority is or we should also know some important things related to Domain Authority. Now let us know how to check the domain authority of your website?
How to check Domain Authority?

Let me tell you that if you search on the internet you will find many websites or services which will tell you the domain authority of your website.

I have told you the names of some such websites through which you will be able to check the Domain Authority of your website.

Moz Domain Authority checker (free):


Small Seo Tools Domain Authority checker (Free):

Seoptimer (Fee): 


How is Domain Authority calculated?

According to Moz, domain authority is calculated according to those 40 factors, which are such signals that you can understand below.

What is the SEO performance of the website?
What is the identity of the website on social sites?
How many backlinks are there per website?

Which website has got backlinks from which website? What is its Domain Authority?
How much quality is there in the content of the website?

So, some 40+ plus factors matter on the basis of which Domain Authority is calculated.
What is page authority?

Page Authority is also called PA in short . Page Authority is also like Domain Authority but DA is calculated by combining the metrics of the entire domain but Page Authority is of a particular page.

Page Authority score is also out of 100. Whatever score a page gets, it tells us how well that particular page can rank.

The important thing is that if someone's Page Authority is better then the Domain Authority of that website will also be equally better.

This is a complete post in which we will know what is Domain Authority or Page Authority or how they are calculated.

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