Creating NFTs: 5 Easy Steps to Follow to Convert your Photos Into Digital Arts

The journey to minting your first piece starts with getting a crypto wallet and registering on an NFT marketplace. If you are thinking creating Non-Fungible Tokens is a path to getting rich quickly, take your mind off the idea, its not a get rich quick stump.

So lets dive in more about NFTs and how to make some cool cash selling just digital arts. NFT is a part of blockchain technology that has been getting much atmosphere of excitement in the media in the way it enriches art creators.

Selling a NFT relies so much on your ability as an art creator to market your pieces and let potential customers see your values. Like other online side hustles, you need to work hard at it. NFTs are digital arts that are showcased on online marketplaces called exchanges for people who appreciate them to buy.

What are NTFs anyway? NFT means Non-Fungible Token. NFT data can be digital files such as photos, videos, audio and even tweets have been sold. They are stored on the crypto blockchain. Don't worry yourself about blockchain, all you need to know is if you have NFTs, you can put them up for sale and someone can buy them, own it and resell it. Is it that interesting?

How do you sell your NFTs?

Now let’s say you have artwork, picture or video or even tweet you want to sell, you have to mint or make an NFT version of your art with an NFT platform and a payment wallet.

There are various other known NFT platforms to use like: OpenSea, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, Foundation, VIV3, Rarible, BakerySwap, Axie Marketplace and NFT ShowRoom. The most popular one is Opensea and for the purpose of this post we are going to use the Opensea platform to explain how you can create NFT account and sell your artworks.   

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You also need to know the payment wallets available so that when you want to cash out it will be easy for you. Some of the Payment wallets includes Coinbase, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Torus, WalletConnect, Fortmatic and Portis. 

How do you sell your NFTs?

To be able to mint or make an NFT you have to pay some fees to these platforms with your payment wallets. The payment is usually made in cryptocurrency, the cryptocurrency used for NFTs is Ethereum.

If you have Ethereum, transfer it to your digital wallet, if you don't have it, buy. The money you earn will also be in a cryptocurrency which is convertible to cash.

1. Connect your wallet. The first step you need to take is to go and open a crypto wallet and connect it to your OpenSea account, the NFT marketplace you want to sell your photos on. To do this, login into your account and click on the “Create” button in the top corner to get yourself started. It should be noted that other marketplaces have similar prompts on their site that are similar to OpenSea’s own. As soon as your wallet is connected, give a brief introduction about yourself so people can know you.

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2. Creating your first piece. Still on your OpenSea account, click on “Create” you will be asked to upload your file. Different files like Jpegs, and MP4 are allowed. There would be boxes where you will be asked to describe your file. You will also need to choose which network you want to mint your NFT on. Popular ones are Ethereum and an Ethereum-based protocol called Polygon (MATIC). Once you click complete after following all the procedures, your first NFT is minted. Is it that easy!

3. Fund your wallet. Remember the wallet you connected in step 1? Make sure you have some money in it. In this case, some ethereum. This is important as making any sale on the blockchain requires that you pay some fees known as gas fees. Before even selling anything at all, deposit some money in your wallet. Do not worry about how much the fees would cost, OpenSea system will do the calculation for you.

4. Selling your NFT. After you have successfully minted your NFT, go to the marketplace and click on “Sell” on the page your piece is on. From there, pick the type of sale you want between a time auction or selling at a fixed price. After this, the marketplace will also tell you the fees you would be paying for the sale. OpenSea charges around 2.5% of the selling price.

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5. The power of networking. You need to keep in mind though that minting and putting your NFT up for sale is not going to give your money automatically. You need to network within the NFT community and share your collection with other people. The more popular your works are, the higher possibility of getting someone to see who might interested in it. The downside is you may spend much minting an NFT and not get someone to buy it at all! That's waste of time right, but don't worry. Photographer makes money from NFT. You may remember the story of a young Nigerian man name, Adisa Olashile, who became popular on the internet as the brilliant photographer who converts photos to NFT did it again. Days after he sold photos of an old drummer for over N1 million, Adisa went back to him and fulfilled his promise of giving the man 50% of what he made from the NFTs. In the emotional clip, the man was amazed when he gave him bunches of naira notes. He even took the man to a phone shop to get him a smartphone. Is it that a nice gesture? What about you doing the same thing to make some cool cash! 

The process of selling NFTs is not as difficult as people make it. Create some art and you'd be shocked at how many people will be interested in it. 

Leave a comment below and share your experience with. Cheerrrs..........

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