Facebook Live Unable To Find Camera For Live Streaming

Google’s Chrome browser remains the biggest dog in the industry in terms of market share.

According to countless reports, Google Chrome users are unable to use Facebook Live due to an error with the browser being unable to access the system’s camera and microphone.

Many of the affected users have gone through the basic troubleshooting process for such an issue; granting the website permission to the camera and microphone, allowing Windows to let third-party applications use the microphone and camera, but all to no success.

Earlier today, I decided to try a Facebook Live OBS trick to stream a video on my laptop to Facebook. Unfortunately, whenever I try to go live on Facebook from the computer, it keeps telling me that Facebook is unable to find camera despite the fact that the inbuilt webcam of the laptop is working fine. I tried my external login tech webcam too, same story.

After Googling what might be the cause, I stumbled on a trick which fixed the problem. Hence, I’ve decided to share it with you, hopefully it might be useful to you too. All I did was to set the default camera in chrome settings.


Navigate to “Settings”

Scroll down and click” Show advanced settings”

Or use the short-cut CTRL+F on your keyboard and search for privacy or security and you will easily find it.

Go to “Privacy and security” and click on “Site Settings”

Scroll to Camera and select the camera you are using from the drop down. Also ensure you select the “ask when as it requires access to your camera”

Click “done”

Once you’ve done all these things, restart Chrome one more time, go to your Facebook page, click on “Live Video” and select “Camera” and you Re-try the Facebook Live and everything should be fine now, you have the option on the bottom left to Go “Live”.

I hope this helps you all. I know how frustrating it is and wanted you to benefit from my stupid hours of trying and errors and finally get this fixed and having success.

Please leave a comment below and share your experience with us.

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