How To Add Seo Friendly Meta Tags, Remove A Title Widget In Blogger

Make sure in which blog post you want to add meta title tag then open in browser. And don’t forget to keep it open.
  • Let’s start: 
  • Sign in to Blogger account.
  • Go to your desire blog dashboard.
  • Click on “Design” Tab.
  • Now click on “Edit HTML” at the top corner.
  • Click the “Expand Widget Templates” check box.
  • Find the “<head>” tag in your blog template.
  • Past the following codes right after the <head> tag.
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == ""'>
<meta content='TITLE' name='title'/>
  • Replace the “” with your own blog post URL and Also replace the capitalized word “TITLE” with desire custom title.
  • Click the “Save Template” button.

Note: You can add more custom titles for blog posts by repeating those codes but one thing you should know that “</b:if>” will be appear once after all custom title.

See the example to add more than one custom title:

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == ""'>
<meta content='TITLE 1' name='title'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == ""'>
<meta content='TITLE 2' name='title'/>

I hope you’re able to understand what I’ve explained to you. It’s really a simple thing you can do by yourself. Let’s try to add the custom meta title tag in your blogger template. If you’ve any issue then let me know. And don’t forget to share this valued tricks with others.

How To Remove A Blog Title Widget In Blogger

By default, blogs that are created on Google's Blogger platform contain a blog title (or widget) element that is displayed at the top of each page to allow visitors to conveniently identify your blog after they load it in their browsers. For aesthetic reasons, though, you may want to remove this element from your template. You can do so by editing your blog's HTML code and its layout settings.

1.Open your Web browser and log in to your Blogger dashboard.

2.Click on the downward-pointing arrow next to the name of the blog you wish to edit and select "Template."

3.Click on the "Edit HTML" button and select "Proceed."

4.Press "Ctrl-F" to open your browser's search box and paste the following code snippet in it:

widget id='Header1' locked='true'

Your browser should now automatically locate the section of your blog's HTML code that contains that snippet.

5.Replace "true" with "false" to unlock the header and click on "Save Template." By default Blogger prevents users from being able to remove the blog title element. Select "Close."

6.Select "Layout" from the left column and click "Edit" under the Header element.

7.Click "Remove" at the bottom of the window and select "OK."

8.Save your new template by clicking on "Save Arrangement."

Feel free to use the comment bottom below if you have any question
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