How to Make Money Online in Zimbabwe in 2023

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in southern Africa. It’s capital is Harare, and its largest city is Bulawayo. Other major cities include Mutare and Masvingo.

Zimbabwe’s economy depends heavily on its mining and agriculture sectors. Additionally, there are several ancillary industries you can consider for starting there. Regardless you are a permanent resident of Zimbabwe or not, you can consider the following business ideas to start in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe was formerly known as Rhodesia, named after Cecil Rhodes who was a British colonialist who founded the country in 1890 with his company De Beers Mining Company (DBM). He wanted to develop an area that would be suitable for mining diamonds and gold but also provide food for white settlers so he set up farms for them on land taken from local Africans without compensation or even consent from those whose homes were being demolished at gunpoint!

Do you want to start a business in Zimbabwe? Are you searching for the most profitable small business ideas in Zimbabwe?
1. Event Planning

Event planners handle different tasks related to making the business a success. If you are a detailed oriented person and you feel happy helping others, you can start this business. The most lucrative aspect is you can start and operate the business from home initially.

The events industry has grown enormously in the past year. According to research, consumers’ appetite for outdoor events is rising and will not slow anytime soon. Therefore, setting up an outdoor event planning and management company can be lucrative.

You can begin by planning smaller events such as birthday parties at home or social gatherings with friends. Once you’ve gained some experience in the field, you can work your way up to larger events like weddings and conferences.

It’s important for an event planner to follow a timeline so nothing gets overlooked during their planning process. Some things they might need included on their timeline are: hiring extra help if needed; ordering food; setting up decorations; coordinating entertainment (such as music); etc.

2. Gift Basket

A gift basket is delivered to the recipient at the workplace or residence. A gift basket business is a noble idea because, with a proper strategy, you can remain in business all year round.

Creating and selling gift baskets is another profitable business you can consider starting in Zimbabwe. Actually, you can start the business in two ways. You can create a basket of your own and offer customized gift baskets to your customers. Otherwise, you can also procure the basket from other manufacturers.

To start a gift basket business, choose a niche or a sales channel, and register your business appropriately. Then, with a proper marketing strategy, you should be able to reach a broader customer base.

3. Start a tutoring or education business

When students have problems with their schoolwork, they turn to tutors for help. If you want a self-employment mode of operation, you can start tutoring even from home. Basically, tutoring is a noble profession. And you can earn definitely good money from tutoring. Additionally, there are several online platforms that allow online teaching also.

Being a tutor awakens your entrepreneurial skills. Being your own boss allows you to set your own schedule and be more independent. You'll create lasting relationships with students and their parents. Last but not least: you get paid well!

4. Start a restaurant

If you love cooking and are passionate about entrepreneurship, starting a restaurant can be a fun and lucrative business.

To get started, choose a great location, and hire an excellent support team. You will need a chef to inspect the food and line cooks, waiters, and waitresses to serve the customers. No matter the restaurant type, you need great culinary and business skills to make your dream come true.

If you plan to open a restaurant in Zimbabwe, gain insight from consumer preferences and focus on serving modern consumers what they need. Like many other businesses, the homemade food products business is one that is worth starting. 

5. Barbering

Barbering is a great business to start in Zimbabwe. Everyone needs their hair cut, and it’s a skill that can be learned. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment or rent a space; you can set up shop at home or in your garage.

Barbering is one of the most popular businesses for people who aren’t looking to make millions but just want to make some extra cash on the side, so expect competition from other barbers in your city.

6. Start a cleaning & maintenance business

A Cleaning & Maintenance business is a service-based business in which you are the owner, operator, and lone employee. In a cleaning and maintenance business, you provide a specific service such as carpet servicing or pest control. It's important to note that although it seems straightforward, this business type can grow very quickly if done properly.

Cleaning and maintenance can be a real hassle, especially if you have a lot of employees or just your own staff. The cleaning and maintenance industry generates over $40B a year in the US alone. This makes it one of the largest, most competitive industries in the USA.

Starting a cleaning and maintenance business in Zimbabwe is pretty easy. You can start small with residential clients or businesses. Just make sure you check with your local government to ensure licensing (or certification) requirements.

7. Laundry Services

If you are a woman, this is a good business for you. If you can drive, this is also a good business for you. If you have space to work from home and do not mind working long hours, then laundry services may be the perfect choice for your startup.

Laundry services are very popular in Zimbabwe because there are many people who cannot afford to buy washing machines or pay someone else’s wages as well as their own bills at the end of each month. The majority of people who run this type of business have their own car which makes it easy for them to pick up customers from their homes and drop them back after picking up their clothes washed by hand at another location such as nearby riverside where many locals wash their clothes using old fashioned methods like rubbing soap on stones before putting them into water streams so that dirt comes off easily without needing much effort on part of users themselves (who mostly don’t know how).

Zimbabwe has a lot of potential for entrepreneurs, and these 6 businesses are just some of the ideas you can start with. We hope this article has helped you get started on your journey towards becoming a successful entrepreneur.
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