How to Fix Core Web Vitals Google Update Issues in Google Console

Resolving core web vital issues in Google Console is crucial for improving the user experience and search engine ranking of your website. Core Web Vitals are a set of specific metrics that Google uses to assess the page loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability of web pages.

Most common issues are:

• Spamming
• LCP issue
• CLS issue
• Plagiarism issue
• Irrelevant content production strategy issue

The most important update that made many sites lost their ranking on SERP in March was this update below:

• INP will replace FID as a part of Core Web Vitals in March 2024. Make sure that your site provides a good page experience by fixing these issues.

INP (interaction to next paint):

A metric that assesses a page's overall responsiveness to user interactions by observing the time that it takes for the page to respond to all click, tap, and keyboard interactions that occur throughout the lifespan of a user's visit to a page.

The final INP value is the longest interaction observed, ignoring outliers.

This means you will have to fix any button on your site that takes long to respond after you click, it should be fixed or the update will hit you even more.

Lastly; to all those that are happy because their site traffic is coming back should better fix all that I have mentioned above and request for Validation or risk to lose even more because the entire update should continue for like a month, and if you are hit by any Google update, is not damaged to your site, you just have to fix it and in few weeks your site will be back and better.

Here are steps to resolve core vital issues in Google Console:

  1. Access Google Console: Log in to your Google Search Console account. Select the property (website) for which you want to resolve core vital issues.
  2. Check Core Web Vitals Report:In the left-hand menu, navigate to "Core Web Vitals" under "Enhancements."Review the report to identify any issues with your website's Core Web Vitals. This report will show which URLs have problems.
  3. Identify Specific Issues:Click on each issue to get more details about the specific URLs and what Core Web Vital metric is affected. Core Web Vitals consist of three primary metrics: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): Measures loading performance.First Input Delay (FID): Measures interactivity.Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Measures visual stability.
  4. Address LCP Issues:To improve LCP, optimize your page loading speed. Common fixes include: Compress and optimize images. Minimize server response times.Use a content delivery network (CDN). Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS. Implement lazy loading for images and other resources.
  5. Address FID Issues:FID focuses on improving interactivity. To address FID issues: Minimize and optimize JavaScript execution. Use browser caching to speed up resource retrieval. Avoid long tasks that block the main thread.
  6. Address CLS Issues:CLS aims to improve visual stability. To fix CLS issues: Reserve space for images and other dynamic content to prevent layout shifts. Ensure that ad elements and iframes have predefined dimensions.
  7. Verify Fixes:After implementing changes, use tools like PageSpeed Insights or Lighthouse to verify that the Core Web Vitals issues have been resolved.
  8. Re-submit Sitemap:After making improvements, resubmit your sitemap to Google Console to help Google re-crawl and re-index your updated pages.
  9. Monitor Progress:Continue to monitor your website's Core Web Vitals in Google Console to ensure that the issues remain resolved over time.
  10. Keep Up with Updates:Stay updated with Google's guidelines and algorithm changes to ensure your website continues to meet Core Web Vitals standards.

Remember that improving Core Web Vitals is an ongoing process, and it may require continuous optimization as your website evolves. Regularly check Google Console for performance data and address any new issues that may arise to ensure a positive user experience and maintain or improve your search engine rankings.
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