Adsterra High CPM Trick: How to Increase CPM "A Cheat-Sheet for Publishers"

I feel like writing this to encourage you of something which you might be lacking. When I began this blogging of thing and my monetization with Adsterra like I said earlier in my previous posts, it took me over 6+ solid months plus 150k+ social media traffic before I was able to make my first $100.

For the fact that you start using Adsterra, it doesn't mean it'll start fetching you money urgently as you wants, seriously, life is all about time. Of course, you could start making huge from it immediately when you successfully registered and get your domain approved. PAY ATTENTION: PayPal Alternatives In Restricted Countries in 2023

All this is possible if you have tier 1 countries on your site. Below at my dashboard is what I make in just a week through my direct link via a Facebook post (not on my page), I'm not here to oppress you with my earnings, I'm just here to motivate you, you could do better ever.
Just imagine, what took me over 6+ months to make just $100, I was able to achieve that in just 2 months (Despite the fact that I wasn't consistent with it). I know sometimes you might not earn like how you expect, sometimes you might even earn less than a dollar like me, but don't give up.

When I began this Adsterra direct link, I first of all compare it with normal website banner ads and I was able to analyze and figure out which one is the best. I can't just go deep into that, you can read on below post to know more about that.

Work on your traffic source, if you've good traffic from tier 1 countries let assure you'll make huge from Adsterra, all my earnings from Adsterra direct link, 40%of them are from tier 1 countries with minimum view. Mind you, I excluded some ads.

Don't go into or use direct link if you have a website already, just use normal banner ads (300 by 250), social bar ads and other relevant ads format, for me that is/was my best format ever.
You can use direct link on your social media accounts or pages, as well as on viral posts it work well.

Adsterra high CPM Trick

Many people have paid for Adsterra high cpm Trick with no results. This following two method are the only ways to Adsterra high cpm Trick.
If you are able to combine the two trick and drive tier1 traffic to ur blog for a while, you can have more than $10 cpm
Even Nigeria traffic can still give you up to $3 with the first trick and up to $10 combining them.
  • 1. Adding social bar ads
  • 2. Using Vast ads
1. Create a social bar ads in Adsterra, Add it to your sites footer above the </body> tag.
You can use code snippet plugin or use you wordpress blog Theme Editor. Follow this procedure: PAY ATTENTION: Quick Ways and Long-Term Strategies to Make Money Online in 2023

Go to the Appearance section and choose Theme Editor. You will see the list of theme files (Theme Footer, Theme Header, Main Index template, etc).

Choose Theme Footer cause it’s where the “</body>” tag is.
Add the code before the “</body>” tag.

Use only this if you have other ads like ezoic or Adsense, if not, you can add native banner only.

After adding social bar, to get good results, try a drive a few tier 1 or 2 traffic and get good high CPM before driving in your Nigerian traffic.

Note: Having many ad format from the same ads network will always decrease your CPM, no matter the trick.

2. Vast ads, vast ads is the one that is added to videos while playing on your blog,
We have the pre roll that will show the ads before video starts and the one that will show in the middle of the video and after the video, anyone is ok.

Vast ads normally has a high cpm no matter the traffic country, but if your viewers are tier1, you can have over $20 cpm

Either music video, movie or tutorial videos.

How to use your direct link on Facebook without getting banned and how to use your direct link on your posts and redirect your visitor to the link Automatically after reading your posts, you can set time from 7 secs to 60secs. That means 1,000 page views, 1,000 direct link views.

How to use Adsterra direct link in Facebook ads without getting banned

This method requires you to use automatic redirection code on a post. The script will be input in a post, and the post link will be used to run Facebook ads or posted in groups.
Once someone click on the link, immediately it loads, it will redirect to your Adsterra direct link.
To do this, you have to use a blogger, make a post on the blogger, you might not add any content in the post, just a catchy Title, post heading and featured image.

Then click on the html on top left (see image bellow) and input the code I will give you before the </body> tag and post.

Don't use this in your main blog because it will affect your SEO, because you are redirecting you url, use a BlogSpot. PAY ATTENTION: 20+ Free Backlinks Sites List for Bloggers in 2023

If you want to use it on your blog, then there is another code you can add at the top of your post bellow head tag, that will redirect your visitor to your direct link after a specified seconds from 1 to 60 seconds.

So, visitors will visit and read your post and be redirected after certain seconds, this will not affect your SEO depending on your bounce rate.

This is the code. shorten ur direct links and put it where I write your direct link.
window.location = "your direct link";

Enjoy blogging, if you have any questions please drop them in the comment,
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