PayPal Alternatives In Restricted Countries in 2023

PayPal’s great, but it’s far from the only option out there.

So why would you want to check out PayPal alternatives? Well, here are some key drawbacks to the payment solution:

PayPal doesn’t provide protection for sellers selling digital products and services.

Many PayPal alternatives charge lower fees than PayPal’s 3.49 percent plus US$0.49.

PayPal has been known to freeze accounts for up to six months without prior warning.

It can take a long time to withdraw money to your bank account – three to five days can be the standard.

So if you’ve ever found yourself asking, “What can I use instead of PayPal?” we’ve got you covered.

In this article, you’ll learn all about the best PayPal alternatives available to help you decide which one is best for you and your business.

It’s not a surprise that there are a number of entrepreneurs who refuse to use PayPal for one of the following reasons:

  • Fees for chargebacks;
  • Restrictions in some countries.

In this article, we’re going to understand how to overcome PayPal dominance and what are other alternatives in countries where the service is not preferable.

Some countries where PayPal is available without limitations

PayPal in Greece

PayPal is available in Greece. You can sign up for a PayPal account in Greece and use it to make and receive online payments.

We can suggest some alternatives to PayPal in Greece if for some reason you don’t want to use the service. The options include TransferWise, Skrill, Stripe, and Payoneer. These platforms offer similar services to PayPal, allowing users to send and receive money online.

PayPal in Columbia

PayPal is available in Colombia. You can sign up for a PayPal account in Colombia and use it for online transactions. Some popular alternatives to PayPal in Colombia are:

  • PayU: This is a leading payment gateway in Colombia that offers online payment solutions for both businesses and individuals. It supports multiple payment methods such as credit or debit card, and bank transfer.
  • PSE: Pagos Seguros en LĂ­nea is an online payment system in Colombia that allows customers to make payments directly from their bank accounts. It is widely used for online purchases and payments of utilities.
  • Skrill: Skrill is an e-wallet that allows users to send and receive money online. It supports multiple payment methods such as credit card, debit card, and bank transfer.
  • MercadoPago: This is a popular payment system in Colombia that allows users to make and receive payments online with their credit or debit cards, and bank transfer.

PayPal in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the countries where PayPal’s services are available. As for alternatives, some options include Stripe, Skrill, and Paysera.

PayPal in Dominican Republic

PayPal has its presence in the Dominican Republic, users from the Dominican Republic can open a PayPal account, but they can only withdraw funds to a local bank account, and they can not use the debit/credit card to purchase from PayPal. Also, users from the Dominican Republic can not receive payments from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

There are several alternatives to PayPal available for online payments: MercadoPago, Payoneer, Skrill, Neteller.

PayPal in Egypt

PayPal is available in Egypt. Users can send and receive payments through their PayPal accounts. Some commonly used alternatives to PayPal in Egypt are Payfort, CashU, and Fawry.

PayPal in Japan

PayPal is available in Japan, though it might not be as widespread in use as it is in some other countries. According to PayPal’s website, it can be used for personal and commercial transactions within Japan and worldwide. You can use it for sending or receiving money, making online purchases, and even withdrawing cash at Japanese ATMs.

As for alternatives, there are a few local payment systems in Japan that are widely used. One of them is Konbini payment, which allows customers to buy online and pay at convenience stores in cash. Another popular payment system is the mobile payment platform called PayPay, which is similar to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Other alternatives to PayPal that are popular in Japan include Rakuten Pay and LINE Pay.

PayPal in Philippines

PayPal is available in the Philippines, and there are alternatives such as PayMaya, GCash, and

PayPal in Poland

If you come from a country where PayPal offers limited service, you don’t have to worry about such things in Poland, where you get access to PayPal’s full range of solutions, including withdrawing money to your personal banking account. However, if you seek how to supplement payment, there are several options available in Poland, including:

  • PayU – One of the most popular payment gateways in Poland, it offers online payments, recurring payments, and mobile payments.
  • Blue Media – Blue Media is a payment service provider that offers online payments, recurring payments, mobile payments, and SMS payments.
  • Przelewy24 – Przelewy24 is another popular payment gateway in Poland that offers online payments, mobile payments, and recurring payments.
  • Dotpay – Dotpay is a payment service provider that offers online payments, recurring payments, and mobile payments.
  • Tpay – Tpay is a payment gateway that offers online payments, mobile payments, and recurring payments.

What happens if PayPal doesn’t work in your country?

If PayPal doesn’t work in a country, users in that country are not able to use PayPal’s services. This means that they cannot send or receive payments using PayPal, and they cannot create a PayPal account.

The reasons why PayPal may not work in a country can vary. Some countries may have legal restrictions or regulations that prevent PayPal from operating there, while others may not have the necessary infrastructure or financial systems in place to support PayPal’s services.

If you want to check whether PayPal works in a specific country, you can visit PayPal’s country selection page and enter the name of the country you’re interested in. Additionally, you can contact PayPal’s customer support team to ask about the availability of its services in a particular country.

Countries with PayPal restrictions

Each country has its own financial rules and regulations which affect services and functions offered to the residents by PayPal. Below are some cases and the backgrounds behind.

PayPal in Armenia

Unfortunately, PayPal is only partially available in Armenia. This means that citizens of Armenia and people who are residents of Armenia cannot use all of PayPal’s features. 

However, you can search for alternatives such as:

  1. Paysera Armenia
  2. IDram
  3. WebMoney
  4. Ecoin

PayPal in Belarus

According to the PayPal website, it appears that PayPal is currently not available in Belarus. According to my research, some alternatives to PayPal in Belarus include:

  • Skrill: supports transactions in Belarusian ruble currency.
  • Webmoney: has a presence in Belarus and supports Belarusian ruble transactions.
  • Yandex.Money: you can use the service to make payments both online and offline, receive payments, and withdraw funds to your bank account. Yandex.Money is widely used in Belarus and supports Belarusian ruble transactions.

PayPal in Burma (Myanmar)

Visitors to Myanmar claim they can’t use their PayPal accounts for any online purchases. The site denies access and requires them to provide proof of identity and current address for issue resolution. 

PayPal in Cameroon

PayPal is not available in Cameroon. Cameroonians can use other payment platforms such as Payoneer, Skrill, and Paysera. It is important to note that the availability and acceptance of these platforms may vary depending on the country, so it is best to research and confirm before using them.

PayPal in Crimea

Starting from January 2015, PayPal ceased operations in Crimea to comply with international sanctions against Russia and Crimea.

PayPal in Ivory Coast

Due to the sanctions which have been in force there since January 2016, PayPal options are limited there to a handful of payment providers able to complete the money transfer.

PayPal in Georgia

PayPal is not currently available in Georgia. PayPal accounts in Georgia are only able to send payments. 

Some popular alternatives to PayPal in Georgia include WebMoney, Skrill, and Paysera. These platforms offer similar features to PayPal, such as secure online transactions and easy account setup.

PayPal in India

PayPal is available in India but with some restrictions, such as limitations on receiving payments for certain types of transactions. Some alternatives to PayPal in India include Paytm, PayU, and CCAvenue.

PayPal in Kazakhstan

The PayPal payment system provided its services to users of Kazakhstan in 2023. Customers from Kazakhstan can use PayPal to make purchases from international merchants who accept PayPal as a payment option. To get access to all the features of the system, you need to create a wallet by registering on the official website. You can use your account on PayPal to make transactions only after linking your bank card with the activated function for making payments on foreign resources. For integration with PayPal, you can use plastic cards of the People’s Bank of Kazakhstan and Kazkommertsbank. However, it will not be possible to withdraw funds to a bank account in Kazakhstan.

However, there are some payment gateways like Paysera, Skrill, and Perfect Money that can be used as alternatives to PayPal in Kazakhstan. 

PayPal in Liberia

PayPal is not available in Liberia as of now. There seem to be very limited online payment options available in Liberia. The most common method is via bank transfers or through Western Union and MoneyGram services. Some Liberian businesses and individuals use cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Paxful and LocalBitcoins for international transactions.

PayPal in Moldova

The last time we checked, PayPal was not available in Moldova. However, there are alternative payment options available. We would suggest checking with PayPal’s customer support for the latest updates and inquiries regarding Moldova.

Alternatively, you may want to check out the following payment gateways available in Moldova:


Some other alternatives in Moldova are MobilPay, PayAnyWay or Simple Pay. 

PayPal in Oman

PayPal is available in Oman for online transactions only. You cannot withdraw money here. Some common alternatives to PayPal in Oman include Payfort, 2Checkout, and PayTabs.

PayPal in Paraguay

PayPal is not yet officially available in Paraguay. However, Paraguayans could use other payment gateways like Skrill or Transferwise to make online transactions. Moreover, some local banks in Paraguay also offer their online payment solutions.

PayPal in Pakistan

PayPal is not currently available in Pakistan, but there are alternatives like Payoneer and Skrill.

PayPal in Qatar

There are some restrictions on PayPal’s services in Qatar. Customers in Qatar can only receive payments and make purchases using PayPal, but they cannot withdraw funds from their PayPal account to a Qatari bank account. Some popular options for online payments in Qatar include:

  1. PayTabs: It is a Saudi Arabian based payment gateway that allows businesses to accept online payments using various methods such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and mobile payments.
  2. Telr: It also offers similar services to PayTabs with features such as multilingual checkout pages, local payments, and recurring payments.
  3. PayFort: It is another payment gateway that provides businesses with online payment and fraud protection solutions.
  4. Skrill: It is a UK-based company that offers similar services to PayPal with lower transaction fees and additional features such as cryptocurrency support.
  5. 2Checkout: It is a global payment gateway that offers online payment processing and fraud prevention services for businesses.

PayPal in Russia

PayPal is available in Russia to a limited extent. Russian residents can only receive payments through PayPal and cannot send payments or transfer funds to other PayPal accounts.

A few popular alternatives to PayPal in Russia are:

  • YooMoney is a Russian payment service provider. It was previously known as Yandex.Money until 2020, but then it became an independent company. It offers services such as online payments, money transfer, and e-wallets. YouMoney supports many currencies and provides different payment methods, such as bank cards, e-wallets, and cash. It’s widely used in Russia and some neighboring countries.
  • Webmoney is an online payment system that allows users to make secure online transactions. It was launched in 1998 and is based in Moscow, Russia. The system is widely used in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan but it also has a presence in other parts of the world. It offers a range of services such as money transfers, online payments, prepaid cards, and e-wallets. It has also introduced a cryptocurrency called WMX, which is based on Bitcoin.
  • Qiwi is a Russian-based company that provides payment services, including electronic wallets, payment terminals, virtual cards, personal finance management tools, and money transfer services. It operates in 20 countries and has more than 21 million active wallet users.
  • Skrill – it is a digital wallet service that allows you to pay for goods and services, transfer money to other users, and withdraw cash from ATMs.

PayPal in Saudi Arabia

As per the last updated information, PayPal is available in Saudi Arabia, and people can create and use PayPal accounts in the country. They can use their PayPal accounts to receive and send payments, make online purchases, and more.

Additionally, there are several alternatives to PayPal available in Saudi Arabia, such as PayTabs, Payfort, and Payoneer. You may find more information about these alternatives and their features by visiting their official websites.

PayPal in Turkey

PayPal has not been available in Turkey since 2016. It is not banned, you can still access the website from the Turkish network but you can’t directly send payment to Turkish recipients using PayPal. The main reason for restrictions is the failure of PayPal to follow Turkish regulations. In 2023, the Turkish people cannot withdraw money from a PayPal account directly.

There are many PayPal options in Turkey based on what service you need.

The best are Wise, Western Union and money transfer by Swift code in Turkish banks.

PayPal in Ukraine

PayPal does currently work in Ukraine, but its functions are very limited in 2023. As of now, you cannot receive or withdraw payments through PayPal, you can only buy items or send payments. There are several alternatives to PayPal available in Ukraine such as Payoneer, Skrill, WebMoney, Perfect Money, and Privat24. 

PayPal in Venezuela

PayPal is technically not available in Venezuela due to economic sanctions imposed on the country by the United States. However, some Venezuelans have reported being able to use PayPal through alternative methods, such as registering their accounts in a different country or using a third-party service. Please note that using such methods may be against PayPal’s Terms and Conditions and could result in account suspension or termination. There are several alternatives to PayPal in Venezuela, including:

  • MercadoPago: It is a popular online payment platform in Venezuela. MercadoPago offers various payment methods, such as bank transfers, credit cards, and cash payments at affiliated stores. 
  • Payoneer: Payoneer is a global payment platform that allows users to send and receive payments worldwide. Payoneer offers various payment options such as bank transfers, debit cards, and e-wallets. 
  • Uphold: Uphold is a digital money platform that offers various financial services, such as online payments, currency exchange, and trading. Uphold supports multiple currencies, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 
  • Bitpay: Bitpay is a Bitcoin payment processor that allows users to send and receive payments in Bitcoin. Bitpay supports various merchants and online marketplaces. 

PayPal in Vietnam

PayPal is available in Vietnam, but with limited functionalities. Vietnamese PayPal users can send and receive payments and cannot use PayPal to withdraw funds to their bank accounts. As for alternatives to PayPal in Vietnam, some options include FPTPay, Payoo, NganLuong, etc

PayPal in Zimbabwe

According to PayPal’s website, Zimbabwe is not currently supported for sending, receiving or withdrawing funds through PayPal. Alternatives to PayPal in Zimbabwe include EcoCash, OneMoney, and Telecash.

Other Countries Not Supported By PayPal:

Antarctica, Afghanistan, Cuba, Bouvet Island, British Indian Ocean Territory, Central African Republic, Christmas Island, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Heard Island And McDonald Islands, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Lao, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Pakistan, Serbia and Montenegro, Sudan, and Syria.

What are the best alternatives to PayPal?

Luckily, there are now a lot of PayPal alternatives: from those that deal with bitcoins to the global-spread services.

  1. Stripe – a payment gateway that allows businesses to accept payments from customers. It is known for its easy integration and user-friendly interface. Benefits include lower transaction fees, strong security, and flexible payment options.
  2. Skrill – another popular payment gateway that offers similar features to PayPal. It has a global reach and allows businesses to send and receive payments in multiple currencies. Benefits include low transaction fees, fast processing times, and fraud protection.
  3. Wise (former TransferWise) – a money transfer service that specializes in global payments. It allows businesses to send and receive money in different currencies at a competitive exchange rate. Benefits include low fees, transparency, and quick transfers.
  4. Payoneer – a payment service that provides businesses with a global payout solution. It allows businesses to pay their freelancers, contractors, and suppliers in different currencies with ease. Benefits include competitive pricing, multiple payment options, and easy setup.
  5. Authorize.Net – a payment gateway that allows businesses to accept online and mobile payments. It is known for its strong security features and user-friendly interface. Benefits include flexible payment options, fraud protection, and easy integration.
  6. Coinbase is a digital currency exchange that allows users to buy, sell, and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With Coinbase, users can connect their bank account or credit/debit card to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instantly.
  7. Google Pay Best for quick, easy, and free payments from a well-known brand.
  8. Shopify Payments Best for ecommerce businesses using the Shopify platform.
  9. Amazon Pay Best for an all-around, trusted payment solution with brand appeal.
PayPal has its perks and strengths, but there are plenty of great alternatives out there for you to consider. Many of these have lower fees or features better suited to different needs.

Which PayPal alternative is best suited to your needs? Did we miss a great payment solution? Let us know in the comments below!
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