How to Unblock Facebook Website URL 2024 Method

Facebook which is a popular social network website , or if you want to promote any website then Facebook is a great option to bring traffic to the website.

If you use Facebook then you must have known that we can also share Website/Blog Post on Facebook.

So if you are trying to share any of your websites on Facebook, but you are not able to share your website URL on Facebook, it means that Facebook has blocked your website for some reason.

If your website is blocked on Facebook, or you are searching for the solution of how to unblock a website from Facebook then you have come to the right post, now I am sharing the method which is working for you in 2024.
How to unblock a website from Facebook

Before knowing how to unblock a website from Facebook, first see why Facebook blocks any website.

You will know that Facebook community guidelines are very strict, if they feel even a little wrong then they block them immediately which is necessary for any good social network site so that their users are not troubled. .

Why is Facebook ID blocked or what to do about it, I have already shared it in detail, first of all read it completely, then you will understand what to do if your website is blocked..

Facebook blocks which site:If the website is spammy then it is blocked.

Even if someone shares the URL of a website anywhere, that site is blocked.

If a FB user has any problem with our website then the url is blocked.

If there is some illegal content on the site then the url is blocked.

Apart from what is in the title or image of the website, if there is anything else on the website which is driving the user crazy then the website is blocked if such information is found on the website.

Even if the design of the website is not good, the website can be blocked.

Even if some wrong script is running on the website, the website is blocked.

Facebook Community Standards No Authenticity: Whatever content is there on the website is genuine so that the user does not get any wrong information.

Safety: The website should be safe for the users.
Privacy: User data should not be leaked in any way on the website.
Dignity: There should be no wrongdoing to any person or religion in the website.

Whatever URL you are sharing, if it agrees with any of these posts then you cannot share that URL on 

Facebook. Spammy popups appear on the website.

The website is trying to copy some top brand.
There is any wrong information in the website which may harm the user.
If the URL has been previously taken from a similar account, that account is wrong in the eyes of Facebook.

Or if you want to know in detail then you have to read Facebook Community Standards . In which he has clearly stated that if anyone wants to use Facebook then what should be kept in mind.

So let's talk about how to unblock a website from Facebook, before going ahead in the unblock process, you have to check that you are not violating any of their policies, if so. First of all you have to do it right.

Unblock Website on Facebook 2024 method

First of all you have to check whether your website is blocked on Facebook, for that you go to Facebook Debug tool, or search for your website.
Facebook Debug
Unblock Facebook Website URL [year] Method - Blogging
If you search any website in the debug tool, if that website is blocked on Facebook, you will get an error message.
Unblock Facebook Website URL [year] Method - Blogging

If you are getting this error even after searching your website, it means your website is blocked on Facebook, now your first step is to understand that you have read the Facebook Community Standards carefully, or according to them, you should pay less attention to your website. correct.

Once you confirm that there is no problem with your website, Facebook has blocked your website by mistake, click on the Let us Know link given at the end of the error message and submit your details.

Unblock Facebook Website URL [year] Method - Blogging

After writing your reason in the form, you have to send it, now Facebook team will review your website and if they feel that they will unblock your website, after which you will be able to share your website on Facebook.

You must also read how to get traffic from Facebook on your blog , I have shared the right ways to get traffic from Facebook.

At Last:

I have shared this method with you to unblock your website from Facebook, it works, but you cannot tell us how much time it will take..

Earlier there was an option of a direct form on Facebook, with the help of which we could directly unlock the Facebook URL, but now they have removed it.

Hope this information will definitely help you, or if your website is blocked on Facebook then you will be able to unblock it.. or if your website is not blocked then how to save it from being blocked, you will also keep this in mind.

If you have any question or suggestion related to the information given in the post, please tell us in the comments.. or if this information is useful to you then please tell us so that we can come further for you or provide better information.
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